You need someone you can trust implicitly, that never fails a deadline and will bring you closer to your digital marketing goals

“I need to add my business to Google Maps”

Adding your business to Google Maps is very simple. In fact, it’s just the first step to ensuring better visibility for your business in local search results. Find out how to add your business to Google here.

“I need a creative copywriter”

Any content strategy is destined to fail if the messaging isn’t engaging enough and consistent across all channels. That’s why every content strategy needs a creative copywriter behind it. Read more about our writing services here.

“I need SEO content writing services”

SEO is vital in driving traffic to your website and needs to be central to your web copy. However, this shouldn’t affect creativity. Every piece of content we write adheres to important SEO practices but maintains a creative flair. If that’s what you need, get in touch.

“I need a bespoke content marketing strategy”

Every business has different needs. At VKN Digital we begin every process in the same way: discussing what your needs and business goals are. Then we can begin to develop a bespoke content strategy across multiple channels. Give us a call for a free 30-minute consultation.

“I need a new social media marketing strategy”

Has your social media management ground to a halt? We help businesses learn more about their target audience and revamp lagging social media channels. Read more about our social media marketing services here.

“I need a video scriptwriter”

Video is an all-important resource. Everyone watches videos for information instead of reading a ‘how to’ recommendation or ‘best buy’ review. You need dynamic video scripts that will engage potential clients immediately.

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“How can I improve my business productivity?”

If your business productivity is disappointing because you are always fighting fires then bring in freelancers to eliminate those pain points. Outsource your social media management, web development and content writing.

“What are the advantages of having a blog?”

A blog means you add new website content regularly. The Google bots love this and it helps your rankings. A blog is the opportunity to explore, develop and diversify your message and attract visitors.

“How do I get more followers on Pinterest and Twitter?”

Being personable, lively and engaging will help attract followers. Engaging regularly and often will help develop relationships and encourage people to connect with you. Don’t broadcast. Be personable.

“How do I improve my Google ranking?”

Moving up the ladder on Google is all about optimising your website content for what Google likes (SEO). From keywords to inbound links, there are many aspects you need to consider. Get in touch to arrange a free Skype consultation.