You need website development in 2018

Website development is as important as the initial website build

Firstly, website development  is not necessarily about taking your website apart and rebuilding from scratch. Secondly, we consider website development  to be like housekeeping. Your overhaul or a clean sweep and a little rearrangement  will make a phenomenal difference to your business and your customer experience.

Your website is your shop window

Therefore, what would be the point of doing a display for Christmas and leaving it up all year? That might sound mad but many website are just like that. Ensure  your website is cleaned and freshened up. It says a lot about your business. What is yours saying about you right now? Why don’t you have a look?

A website is an opportunity for a potential client or customer to check you out

People want to see you update regularly.If you don’t they lose trust in your business. I emailed a company two days ago about buying specific building materials. They haven’t answered and I am already making other alternatives. Business is lost in a blink of an eye. Therefore, when people have landed on your site they must find it welcoming. They need to see that it does what they need it to do immediately.

In fact, you might say that web development or housekeeping is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Here are key things you need to do right now to impact your business positively

6 things you need to do to your website now

Website development, maintenance and design

Take a critical look at your website. Better still ask a few people whose opinion you trust to comment critically about your website.

Ask them the following questions:

  • Is the design pleasing and appealing or boring and old-fashioned?
  • Does everything they needed actually working?
  • How easy is your website to use?
  • Do they feel inspired by the design and the content?
  • Are you encouraging   them to want to take action?

Answers to these questions will demonstrate whether you need to undertake website development or not.

Is your website functioning correctly?

This will give you an indication of how well your site is functioning on a very basic level. Many companies design a website, add a blog, update a few prices and never really look at it again. At VKN Digital we have a team working on our website every day. That doesn’t mean we spend hours on it but we check links. We also see if things are still functioning, check any outage and down times and explore the reasons for this.  Then we also go through content and update where appropriate. Evergreen content brings in a lot of traffic. Therefore check it for relevance and whether it’s still current.

Our website has won us work. It has beaten off competitors and people often compliment us on the website design. But even now we are planning changes.

The list of website jobs is almost never ending

In addition we also add categories, pages, profiles, offers and prices. All these things need to be checked over for accuracy and relevance. For example, personnel changes, services are amended, new books published and a company evolves. Check your copyright too What was relevant 12 months ago may be completely out of date. I checked a new client’s website this morning to see they had not updated to the latest WordPress version; this makes the website ripe for hacking.

GDPR never has there been a more urgent need for web development

If there was ever a reason to update a website the new rule regarding data is the perfect excuse. If you’ve missed this for some reason, GDPR is a legal requirement. What is it? It’s the update of the ancient Data Protection Act. GDPR is: General Data Protection Regulation and it becomes law on May 25, 2018.

What does GDPR really mean?

So, if you hold any data or information on a person that lives in the European Union you need to ensure you are looking after it properly. We now have to ask people whether we can access people’s data. It is not a given. It doesn’t matter who you are or how big or small your company you must comply. To read more and learn to comply to GDPR read this document from eccenca

General Security

Of course with GDPR your protection of data is vital. You cannot afford to get hacked or find your list of credit cards numbers has been hacked. If there’s one way for people to lose trust in your product, brand or service it’s when you annoy them over security. People place their trust in your website. Do not let them down. People really worry about their data being compromised and it’s the perfect excuse to reach out to a competitor. Just look at the bad feeling banks have generated when their digital banking fails. We all have a responsibility and ensuring website development and maintenance is regularly undertaken will help you achieve a squeaky clean finish!

Check for weaknesses regularly

What’s important here? Firstly, one way to lessen the chances of being hacked is to ensure there are no weaknesses on your platform or framework. People often think they have been targeted specifically and that hackers are ‘out to get them’. It’s not necessarily the case. Automated bots trawl for generic vulnerabilities and they are in. It’s like a burglar looking for an opportunity. When everything is shut, locked and alarmed, unless they are super determined, they’ll pass by to easier targets.

Ask yourself, have all updates and patches been installed?

If you are using WordPress has anyone been in the back end to check for updates?  As I mentioned earlier, it’s when you forget to undertake these simple security housekeeping options that trouble occurs.

Updating website design

Fashion matters. People’s attention spans are minute these days. They are looking for excitement, design, something that makes them feel good. They want to be inspired and they want design that prompts them to trust the business. They want transparency, information and an excellent user experience. They want to be surprised, entertained, informed, educated and their needs met. Not much to ask is it?

Web design can help you achieve all these things. Of course it will depend on your niche and industry. Certainly overhauling your website design regularly should be something you undertake as a matter of course. That’s probably a key takeaway.

New content boosts search and means an increase in traffic

Most importantly, new and fresh content is what people want. You might be a website that publishes regularly, follows up with exciting email campaigns and newsletters. Therefore you need to ensure your blog looks engaging to underscore the effort you make with content production.

Your site needs to load quickly

It also needs to work super efficiently on any mobile platform. By regularly updating your content and information you will be actually helping to further build your domain authority. It takes time and your efforts need to be regular for best results. Page speed will impact on you.

Your content gives you customers and potential customers trust

You need to show that you are ‘on the money’. Demonstrate you know what’s happening in your industry and therefore the advice you give comes from sound knowledge and experience.

Looking to increase conversions? Website development will help

Finally, as I have kept saying throughout this piece, web design and web development matters. If you have a good web development team around you they get to know your website intimately. That way they can suggest changes, developments and ideas. If your website design or navigation is old fashioned and clunky then a web development team will change it. If your style is outdated people will assume what you offer is old hat too. If people have made the effort to find your site then please don’t put them off.

Updated web design and web development can really make the difference to your business. Tesco Bank  rolled out a brand new digital banking design. It was truly old fashioned and lacking an intuitive approach before this. What a difference it makes to a brand.

So ask yourself the following questions regarding whether web development should be on the cards:

  • What image is your website communicating?
  • Have you changed company colours but failed to change the website?
  • Does it reflect all your new services and/or products?
  • Can people navigate and find what they want easily?
  • Are you still asking for too much information from potential customers?
  • Have you added too many pop ups? Are they just annoying?
  • How off-putting is your copy?
  • Are the images generic stock photos that have been overused?
  • Undertake an honest appraisal. Is design boring and less than functional?
  • Is your website visually appealing on every page?

If you are waving the white flag of surrender then VKN Digital can help you with web development

We are a well-formed team and we have been working together for years.  Therefore you can outsource all your web development, web design, graphic design and content writing to us. We will work on a retainer or do one off projects.  Also we are known for our knowledge, experience, ability to work quickly and reliability.  Finally, you don’t need an in-house team you can use VKN Digital whenever you need to undertake website development and website design.  Furthermore we are here to help and feel free to contact us to discuss your projects, ideas and ambitions. On the other hand if you want to hand the whole thing over to us we can take responsibility for the ongoing upkeep of your website.  Lastly, if you need:

  • SEO Implementation
  • Keyword Research and choose the proper keywords that suits to the website
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Implementation
  • Add Multimedia (Images/videos) to the website
  • Responsive design
  • Website’s Page Speed

we can help. Contact us today and see the difference we can make to your website.

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