What’s your Blab Strategy?

Blab you know you need a quadalogue!

If any of you haven’t caught up with the latest sensation that’s sweeping the Internet, like a virus, then Blab is the place to be.

What is Blab for goodness sake?

You can check out my earlier blog on Blab right here. But as a brief resume Blab is a video streaming platform. It allows up to four people to talk at one time in a dialogue – I think the new word might be quadalogue! There are four seats on each Blab and people can watch or participate and be seen by everyone. If you are shy about being seen commenting on the comment panel is just as good. ON the left hand side of the discussion you can keep a track of all the tweets sent from Blab itself. Come on, you CANNOT resist!

Today I gatecrashed a Michael Stelzner chat on ‘What Is Your Blab Strategy?’ So I am going to share a couple of the things that were discussed on that Blab. If you haven’t started then go for it; you might be amazed at the results

How to develop a Blab Strategy

  1. Sign up and have a look at the huge variety of Blabs proliferating across the platform. Decide which ones you’d like to join and subscribe or just jump into a live Blab. You can Blab Crash!
  2. Introduce yourself but don’t do the ‘Great I am’. Just say Hi and state where you’re from.
  3. If it’s appropriate comment on the discussion. Sometimes speakers will pick up your comments and even invite you to take a seat. You can decline if you’re shy.
  4. Connect with people in the comment box. Blab allows a direct connection to Twitter. Tweet about the Blab and respond to people doing the same. It increases your reach and makes you sociable which, ahem, is what social media is all about in case you had forgotten.
  5. Decide your own strengths and interests. I think it might be hard to be personal and chat lipstick one minute and then run a Blab talking about customer experience and personalisation the next. However some might say it gives your brand the personal touch. This has to be your choice after all.
  6. Plan some Blabs on paper first. Think hard about the titles. Which Blab would you join? ‘What is Ketosis’ Why Ketosis is important to weight loss’ or ‘How fats can make you skinny’ See what I mean? Think about a potential target audience. Right now, though people are curious and who knows which Meerkat will turn up!
  7. Decide whether your Blab is going to be on or off the record. That basically means, do you want to record. I’d say record every time because with a bit of editing you might record some real gems that can be used anywhere else you’d care to name.
  8. Decide whether you want an ad hoc discussion and see where it goes or whether you want to go for the short, sharp shock. Ian Cleary, tech guru did a 10 minute Blab with Mr Schaefer that simply did what it said on the tin. Not everyone has the capacity to stay chatting all day. You might want to have a plan but be flexible and agile and go with the flow of chat.
  9. Grab a moderator to work with you who will manage and respond to comments. People like to feel included and if you simply broadcast you might as well be podcasting.
  10. Blab is about interaction, seeing the whites of people’s eyes and putting the personality back into communication. Interact, care for and acknowledge people that turn up after all, you never know who they know and who they’ll tell about your blab!
  11. You can generate loads of leads by following up people who have jumped on the Blab. They have already shown an interest and you already have some synergy and a starting point. Don’t miss the opportunity. But don’t sell, sell, sell that is NOT appropriate.
  12. Don’t hog the seats, let other people take the chair – be generous, be friendly and get blabbing as it’s no longer a pejorative word.
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