Websites need to reflect the new normal. Does yours?

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We are alone but connected by websites, platforms and tech

As a team we have had numerous discussions about how we might help other businesses  make their websites match fit for the new arena in which everyone will work. We came to the conclusion that a serious website will also play a significant part in changing our relationships with people. We must remember that, people are people, not target audience or statistics. Every one of your customers has a story to tell and an experience to share. It is up to us to connect meaningfully and with integrity and transparency.

After all, this is the ‘new normal’

What does that mean exactly? It certainly sounds interesting, but it is an oxymoron; if it’s new, how can it be normal? What will this ‘new normal’ actually mean for:

  • Our economy, our relationships
  • How we sell and market
  • What we offer
  • How we want people to feel
  • What we want people to think and
  • How we would like them to act?

It’s an unfamiliar experience. On the one hand we feel alone but then there are many ways to feel and be connected. We feel blessed at times, but also angry, indignant and afraid. Like children, we are experiencing rules and recommendations that we never expected to encounter as adults. We are being told to sacrifice for the good of others and actually switch many aspects of our daily behaviours. So how do we sell and truly market with heart and compassion in these challenging times? How does what we do reflect this new normal and the new zeitgeist? How can a website help communicate our desire to help?

Our websites need to be transformed

How can businesses offer, support and please potential customers that need honesty, true value and understanding? How do we practically develop a more meaningful relationship with people that come to us? We need to reach out, speak the same language, show empathy and abandon the psychology that was plundered just to help ‘get more sales and leads.’

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Reach out and connect with people with your website

I believe that it’s very important to talk to existing customers.

Get on the phone and just have a conversation. This is not about making a sale, it’s about connecting with other human beings that are part of this historic epoch and it’s about offering support. Maybe a phone conversation about anything but business, might be just the thing someone needs to have during a difficult day. Obviously, it is important to pick up the signals quickly but most people are happy to chat if they understand there is no subtext. If you ask someone how they are then listen to what they say. This is not a time for platitudes or going through the motions. People are returning to trusted sources as they are fatigued by misinformation. The 18-24 age group are specifically changing what they watch and the information they read.

When you have a moment why not audit your website?

Ask people what they think about your website’s personality. Does it really reflect your feelings and business methodology? Is it clear and transparent? Does it offer help and advice? Is it pleasing and a pleasure to visit? Is the language conversational or formal and off-putting? Now really is the time to invest in your business shop window. People are working from home; they are self-isolating and it’s likely your website will now do quite a lot of talking for you. Is it actually saying the right things? If you can’t face doing this, we would be happy to do it for you.

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Does your website offer a hug to your visitors?

We are happy to help you engage with your community

We can even help put you at the very heart of your local community if appropriate. With our skilful team of writers and developers we can hone your messaging to be more appealing and have heart and also make your website more functional and more pleasing to the eye. Be careful too, where your website ends up being seen.  The Global Misinformation Index recently discovered that up to 50 websites that dealt with conspiracy theories hosted big name advertising. Do you really want to be linked to that? Be careful about the company you are keeping.  Real Integrity might actually totally transform purpose lead marketing going forward.

After all, now really is THE opportunity to create a very different relationship with people who would like to buy from you. Now there is a little more time for thought and conversation it is exactly the chance to strip out your website and focus on what’s important to your customer and the future of all our businesses.

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A beautiful website is like a gift

To start a conversation about your website transformation please contact us right here.

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