Websites Are Your Shop Window: How To Keep Them Looking Their Best – Infographic

Think of your website as a shop window for your business. You want it to look its best. It should be easy to find, it should dazzle and attract attention for all the right reasons and it should showcase the best of you and your business. That means keeping your website up to date, revamping its look occasionally to ensure it looks fresh, making sure its purpose is clear and that it conveys the message you want it to in a succinct, straight-forward way.

Think of the effort that department stores like Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty invest into making sure their window displays are the best they can possibly be. They are constantly evolving and changing with the seasons. These brands compete with each other. Their windows tell a story. They put forward the brand values. And most importantly, they make you feel something, and that feeling spurs you on to take action.

We’re all busy people. So to help you tick all the boxes of being a good webmaster, we’ve created this nifty infographic for you to refer to and share far and wide. You can download a PDF version of the infographic here. We hope you find it a useful checklist to help you ensure your website is delivering return on investment for your brand.

Websites are your shop window - Infographic

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