Website Underperformance and Fixes

Is your business website underperforming?

  • Do you feel like your website is not being noticed?
  • Are you a little embarrassed by how your website looks?
  • Has  website  underperformance been affecting business growth and sales?

Do these questions hit the spot? Then you are in the righty place. In this blog we will look at:

  • Website design
  • User experience
  • Website maintenance
  • Keeping up with the content monster
  • How social media can help your website

Commissioning a professional website is an exciting project

Next, when you start a new business or even decide on creating an online business presence the first conversation with a web designer can feel daunting. In the past people’s ignorance seemed to put them at a disadvantage. There are, of course, still people who know what they want but don’t understand the mechanics of website design. I guess that’s a bit like driving a car but not really knowing what is happening  under the bonnet. However, a little planning can make a big difference when you commission a new website.

An empathetic digital agency should help you whatever your skill level

As a website design agency we understand that realising people’s ambition, being transparent and avoiding website underperformance is key.  Therefore, we need to help clients through and ensure all the options are clear.  Budget is absolutely the first topic of discussion.   Consequently, this budget inevitably, as with most things, determines what you can achieve. We would rather be upfront right from the start so everyone knows the parameters within which we are all operating.

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Website Design should eliminate website underperformance

Furthermore, the Importance of  good Website Design cannot be over stated. Think about your own behaviours. If you see a poorly designed website you usually have a negative reaction to the business. Correct? You quickly think, ‘Nah, don’t fancy doing business with these guys.’ However, if you have an impressive user interface, the visuals are engaging and the content is professional that’s different. You will notice better conversion rates.  Lastly, what is the impact of this? Better business, a feeling of trust and ultimately more revenue.

Please realise people check out your website for all kinds of reasons. You may meet someone and they research you online. Your website should consolidate everything you’ve said in conversation. It’s more than a business card, it’s a statement of what you and what your business stands for.

Why should I spend money on website design?

[bctt tweet=”It’s no good asking for an Amazon style shop and only having £500 in your pocket.” username=”supposeiam”]

If you invest sensibly in website design from the very beginning it will reap rewards. Don’t look for the cheapest solution as it may well cost you in the long run. You need to have a list of what you would like to see on a website. You might have a list of criticisms of your own website that you wish to see addressed. For those who are a little unsure there are some basic considerations you should have thought about before chatting to a web designer. Of course, if you still feel daunted we can easily help you through the whole process.

Initial considerations before your conversation with a web designer

What do you want your customers to be able to do?

Your layout is important. Have you considered it? Think of this a little like the content page of a book or magazine.

Offer some examples of websites you think do a great job in your niche or elsewhere.

Do you have specific ideas about how your content and the visual elements of your website should look like? You might want to look at fonts, images, photos etc.

Consider your current branding; what is it like? Is this a good opportunity to overhaul it?

What is the style, tone and vibe across your whole business? This might include marketing such as leaflets and brochures, business cards, signage, banners etc. How will the website tie in with these?

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Who is going to manage the website maintenance? Do you have provision for someone  to keep an eye in case your website under performs? Is there someone to regularly fix crawl errors, broken links, alt tags etc? Ensure you keep back some budget to manage these things over the long term.

Not withstanding,  your web designer / web developer should offer:

  • Smart, simple and intuitive navigation
  • Exceptional, clean layout
  • Appropriate font and typographic details
  • Creative, engaging and SEO compliant content
  • Create recognisable elements that underscore your brand and use professional graphic design services
  • Ease of reading for website visitors
  • On page and off page SEO to boost search engine visibility.
  • Security

It’s good to check design considerations BEFORE you consider a new build.

Cure website underperfomance forever by sorting it right now

Finally, all these things will help you to take more control when discussing ideas with your website developer. Website underperformance is a very serious thing and can have profound effects on a business. Not only can your website be slow to load, it might not function well on mobile devices and may fail to gain any traction through SEO. IN addition it might end up being a liability with regard to your brand. It only takes seconds for people to make up their mind about your website. To finish up, website underperfomance is likely to lose you sales, good will, trust and your position as a thought leader in your field.

If you would like to have a discussion about your website needs do contact us and see how streamlined your website development can be.

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