Designing a website is just the start of a long journey for your business. No matter what size your organisation is website maintenance represents an integral aspect of your web development.Do not get caught out be focusing on initial design and forgetting regular maintenance. There are probably a number of aspects that may be slowing site speed, picking up penalties, hindering search and undermining your professionalism and ranking.

We have honed our website maintenance package to provide a comprehensive and economical service. It will impact dramatically, over time, on traffic. Our website maintenance has evolved through research, knowledge, understanding and significant experience.It’s not a dark art. Basically we undertake a service in the same way that vehicles are checked for roadworthiness. Your website is a vital part of your business and we ensure it is always fit for purpose. We will assist you in being found by search engines and adding value to customers with the right messages exactly when and where they need them.

If you purchase a website maintenance package you will gain far more understanding about the structure of your site, what knowledge is important and how paying attention to small details can impact on your website’s visibility and health.

The meta title and meta description are key aspects of your content. It’s the first thing visitors see when they find you on search. Make it count. We can tweak, develop and transform your meta content
We will check the URL Structure on all pages any errors will be corrected. As appropriate we will put 301 redirects onto old URL. This will ensure we don’t lose original SEO benefits.
Header tags help your website rank and alerts search engines and websites about the nature of the page subject matter. If there are any problems we will improve and develop as appropriate.
We’ll evaluate your landing page content and check all content. Any content that is under performing will be developed. We will undertake keyword research as appropriate and create new content for any landing pages.
We will add No follow attributes on all 3rd party links then check if 3rd party URLs are secured. All non-HTTPS URLs will be removed from the website. we will ensure that all 3rd party URLs open in a new tab.
We will check the broken links on the entire website and do a monthly audit to maintain the housekeeping.
We will check your search console, track all crawl errors and fix the errors.
We will audit your backlinks and remove all bad backlinks. Also, we will monitor your backlinks on a monthly basis. (We will undertake a first time audit as a separate task. This package only includes monthly monitoring)
We will check image alt tags for all images and add alt tags for images that are not in possession of an alt tag.
Images might be reducing your site speed and contributing to site penalties.. We will check the images and reduce their size as appropriate to improve page performance.
We will audit your competitor’s website and track your competitor’s ranking on monthly basis. This is important to understand your position and visitors’ reaction to your offering and brand value etc.
We will monitor your website’s security. This is important for you as security breaches can damage businesses and reputation. Avoid financial losses, inconvenience and loss of trust by keeping your website safe. We will resolve malware and help to keep your website safe.

£250 + VAT