Voice search is the future of search and engagement

Why is Voice Search important to business futures?

Voice search and the future. Are you ready?

Voice search is the future of marketing and engagement and is about being more engaged and personal with customers.

Voice search is part of many people’s everyday lives

Sitting in the pub a question is posed and someone immediately says,” OK Google” and the answer is found. It’s a gradual process and slowly voice search is becoming the preferred way to find the information we require. It also means the death of the pub quiz of course!

It’s a simple process you might imagine but which platform is going to triumph?

If a platform is the chosen one it commands what happens next. It’s like being in possession of a major toll road. People need to pay you pass through and there is little choice. If you are in control you basically own the route to consumers and consumption.

So who is in the lead right now?

Amazon of course, are out in front. Their Alexa Voice search device really took off at the end of 2017. Almost 10,000,000 Devices was sold. Google were pipped to the post and came in second with almost 7,000,000. In total, throughout 2017, a 300% spike in growth was witnessed. This year we may well see 56,000,000+ devices shipped. You can’t ignore voice search. Well you can, but do it at your peril.

Amazon continues to innovate aggressively in voice search

They hope to be live in almost 90 countries shortly. Google of course is snapping at their heels. They also want to be live in 30 languages and 80 countries by the end of this year. If you have a business there is no way you should be ignoring this trend.

What this trend represents is the equivalent to a paradigm shift

It’s like moving from handwriting to print. Imagine the impact it had at the time in terms of getting a message “out there”. Your SEO strategy should reflect voice search optimisation. You may well be creating useful and educational content that is actionable. But this will probably not be sufficient to win the battle for voice search. Google chooses one answer to the question. If it’s not yours…….

Voice search and SEO

  • What’s really important is that mobile search throws up very few results. A voice search is given one solution. Therefore if you do not appear at number one you are dead in the water.
  • Now you can see why it’s so important to take voice search into consideration when creating content. If your content fails to be compelling, then voice search is likely to be a disaster for your business.

Your content structure needs an overhaul.

Ensure it can be easily utilised to answer a search query or question. This is because voice search is more casual and conversational.

  • Users are also more likely to ask questions. Think about your own experience. Who sells cupcakes in Cornwall? How do I renovate a sofa? What is the best Pizza recipe? You can see from these three examples that structuring your content to give a quick answer is key.
  • Therefore start with the answer. What ever points you’re going to make just give the answer first. You can then move on to explain in more detail. You can already see this is not traditional keyword searching as we know it. Actually what you’re doing is an old technique call the inverted pyramid. You start with a quick answer and then develop from there.
  • What you should bear in mind is that your articles need to be creative, useful, unique and not something Google will answer as a no search box that cuts everyone out of the loop.

If you have now lost the will to live this type of search, there are other ways.

This is where you consider planting your apple trees in your own orchard. We have seen how every platform needs to make money. Things start free and gradually prices rise. For some marketers, for example, Facebook’s algorithm change destroyed the business. The original Penguin Google algorithm knocked out spammy black hat websites at a stroke (that was a great day!) Therefore, if you rely on the voice search and a conventional SEO style response you’re likely to suffer a similar fate. With changes in Google’s algorithm we will need to ensure people search for our specific brand. We need to manage the conversation. It is important to engage uses in ways voice search can’t reach. We are human after all and we will keep our advantage. I hope that’s not a cry of desperation!

You can see that building the kinds of experiences that help customers with their problems is key here

they need to ask you specific questions about what you offer. They also needy opportunity to engage with how you are marketing your business. We are looking for a bespoke and personalised experience. This is where conversational Apps are the future. Local businesses therefore have everything to gain from voice search.

Right now I am using Technology to dictate this article while standing up in the office.

Type chat responses, voice activation will end the ceaseless typing we’ve endured for years. Change is happening so rapidly there appears little time to ponder a strategy. It’s time to overhaul how are you create content, how you reach out and engage with consumers. It’s time to get close up and personal. human to human. Fancy?

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