VKN Digital Moves To Doncaster

Sometimes the grass is greener out in the countryside. Read more to learn why VKN Digital made the journey to Doncaster, South Yorks.

In 2017 VKN Digital moved out of London and headed north. Why? High overheads and a desire to change our scenery and meet new people dictated the need to pack up and leave our foundational home. So where did we choose? Doncaster, Yorkshire.

Just about all our clients have expressed shock at the choice. Why Doncaster? They have all asked. There are plenty of reasons:


Doncaster is in South Yorkshire, which some say is part of God’s own country. Who wouldn’t trade crowded London for beautiful scenery? Located at low elevations, Doncaster weather is mild an. drier than most areas in the UK. If it was good enough for Constantine the Great, we thought it’s probably good enough for VKN Digital.

Low Property Prices

According to the Yorkshire post, Yorkshire property prices can be as much as 50% less than London properties. This allows us to keep our costs low as well as the prices that we pass on to you. Not to mention that the average curry is £7 less in Yorkshire, and that’s just good for everyone.

Transportation Hub

Doncaster is the location for many distribution centers. As a centrally located space, Doncaster is a great place to do business. Individuals are not excluded either, as a train to London is just 95 minutes. Doncaster is an ex railway town, so suffice to say – transportation is just the Doncaster way.

River Don

Doncaster lets you live by the River Don without having to pay for all the extra zeros at the end of price tag. The footpaths, viaducts and bridges along the river are enough to make anyone want to stay. The 110 km river stretches from the Pennines through the Don Valley to the River Ouse at Goole. Who needs the Thames we say?

Relaxed Atmosphere

According to The Yorkshire Post, Doncaster was noted as the “most chilled and least stressful place to live in Britain” which is based on “an enormous sense of well-being,” according to researchers. We instantly recognized the caliber of the people in Doncaster and wanted to be a part of that vibe.

Blossoming Business

Doncaster is full of bright minds and great ideas. Yorkshire is home to more than 5.3 million people, and Doncaster is the 9th largest market town with over 100 thousand residents. Yorkshire’s economic output was £88 billion, 7% of the UK’s GDP. Yorkshire has become a popular location for startup businesses. Many are featured on Lean Startup Yorkshire, which focuses on businesses in the area and their lean efforts.

Doncaster is the Place

Bottom line: Doncaster is in the beginning stages of a booming metropolis, and we want to be a part of it. This makes South Yorkshire a perfect place for VKN Digital to set up shop. We are excited about our mission to help businesses achieve their goals. It is our focus to create partnerships with local businesses and become a part of your team. We want to know and understand the business that you build and help them shine.

To conclude, Doncaster  is a location that’s ripe for renewal, rebirth and a new perspective. We feel VKN Digital has the capacity to undertake training, offer some opportunities and bring new ideas to local business marketing. Don’t forget Small Business Saturday will happen on 2nd December and we can help you prepare.

We are here to help!

If you need help to promote your business we have an amazing team of designers, web developers, highly experienced marketers, top flight writers and creatives who are waiting anxiously to work with local Doncaster businesses. Yes, we are still working with our clients in London, Dubai, Australia, India and across the UK. But what we are really looking forward to doing is to help Doncaster businesses create new brand images and ramp up digital marketing strategies. As a smaller agency we have the focus and drive to push your business to the limits. We want to set and achieve your goals as a partnership.

So why not pop in and say hi or pick up the phone and give us a shout? We are now offering a free 15-minute consultation to assess your current issues and problems. We even offer a teardown of your current output and suggest a brand new approach to how you market your business in Doncaster and beyond. If you put the kettle on we’ll come and visit you in your premises.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you gave your business brand or service a wash and brush up? VKN Digital is here to help. Give us a call at 0203 738 603 or shoot us an email at info@viviennekneale.com.

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