Using Twitter for business in 2018

I love using Twitter for business in 2018 and beyond

It’s my go to social media platform. But I do know many people just don’t get it – especially when it comes to using Twitter for business  in 2018.

Explore Twitter for business 2018 and make it your friend

There have been a number of changes lately and it looks like Twitter is gearing up to transform itself. If that’s the case we really need to drill down deeply and understand just what you need to do when you are using Twitter for business in 2018.

Lately, I’ve had a chat with my friends at Online Business Transformation and they’ve kindly offered their How to use Twitter for Business The Ultimate Guide 2018 as a centrepiece for this article.. So let’s see just what we need to do.

What to Tweet?

In the first chapter of this e-book we are treated to that question I get asked a lot: ‘What to Tweet?’ It’s funny, for some reason Twitter can seem amazingly daunting. After all it’s home to journalists and celebrities, it tracks world events and seems amazingly important. Who would want to know about my tweets? That takes me back to 2009 when I joined. There was hardly anyone around and I shrugged my shoulders and decided on a handle: @supposeiam. That was me then, ‘I suppose I am on Twitter. Please don’t ever do this people. Choose your name carefully. Mine’s so bizarre I’ve stuck with it but don’t do as I do, please do as I say!

Have a plan and stick to it…until you amend the plan!

So, what to tweet; well, that depends on who your audience might be and what you want to do. You might just want to be part of the conversation. After all Twitter is fab for local engagement. Perhaps your wish is to add value or run customer services through Twitter. What we all say is: have a plan.

Online Business Transformation are keen to give all kinds of tips as to what you might share. Here are some of their ideas:

Tweet the latest news in your niche
Promote your very special or new offers
Give people a peek behind the scenes of what you do

What’s really important is to think about the quality of your Tweets.

Recently Twitter have said that block uploads of tweets that are essentially the same are not permitted. In fact, if you violate this, your account is likely to be suspended. It’s a good move really because each social media platform is just that: social. So to be clear: if your tweet sharing goes out automatically across different accounts that needs to stop. You can check how to adapt to the new Twitter rules right here.

You need to be tweeting content that’s engaging and interesting.

Avoid broadcasting endlessly or pushing out the same message. Mainly, people want value, news, something shocking, interesting, amazing, new. If you are really struggling, VKN Digital has a tweet writing service that will provide you with high quality, engaging tweets for you to upload. They are all original and will allow you to populate your twitter feed without falling foul of the new regulations. We’ll even work in real time to create varied tweets about the same event/idea/news. Just ask us and we’ll get writing. You can also find some really great Twitter templates on Canva if you need some inspiration and an easy way to get started.

Contact us now to see just how we can help you master twitter for your business in 2018

If you are thinking that it’s time to get your Twitter house in order then I do recommend Online Business Transformation’s e- book. You will learn:

What to tweet
How to make use of  twitter analytics
The best way to work with twitter
Tips to get your tweets seen
Effective ways to get more followers
Making sure to interact and engage
The right ways to use twitter tools

Click here for your copy of How to Use Twitter for Business in 2018.

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