Understand your customers before creating content

Do you understand your customers or are you still approximating?

Gone are the days when writing a blog was all you needed to do. Before you even think about creating content it’s worth having a discussion about who needs you and why. If you understand your customers you will sell more. This might sound obvious but as content writers we often see people wanting content without actually researching what their customers and potential clients need. Not only this but [bctt tweet=”Depending on what type of customer you have and where they are in the buying journey you’ll need different types of #content. Are you producing it?” username=”@supposeiam”]

Why do you need different types of content?

Use your own experience. Don’t you hate it when you have just bought an article and then you are bombarded with the offers for the same object? It shows that a company is automating and not really thinking about the customer. We all want to feel that a company understand us. We want them to actually care about our business and custom. So split your customer database into:

  • Current customers
  • Previous customers
  • Future customers

You can see immediately that you need to understand customers as they have different needs depending on what type they are. If you find out more about these groups  you will see there are different challenges. You will also need to develop another approach to really communicate effectively.

Focus on customers’ inherent laziness

If you are trying to convert a lead the messaging needs to be exciting, different and focus around acquisition. Now, depending on the customer experience you are looking at another approach to interest a previous customer. Therefore, a more personalised approach makes a difference. Most of us want to stay with a provider basically because we are  lazy. Quite often, unless something dreadful has happened, we are prepared to give people a second chance. So consider problems. Also examine needs, disappointments and offer content to reassure, pique interest and entice with a great offer. Perhaps it’s time to overhaul your content marketing to reflect this new knowledge.

Understand your customers and their behaviours

Next, ensure you are not relying solely on personas and profiles. They are useful of course, but sometimes these profiles  are too generic. Jennifer aged 33 is an example only, don’t rely on this. Yes, when your customer persona is carefully defined it’s helpful but have you thought about the whole buying journey? Have you considered the customer touch points? Where are they, what do people do there? Also don’t forget that depending where your customers are on their journey the messaging needs to reflect this.

Understand your current customers

Get to know:

  • Exactly why they come to you?
  • Why they choose you specifically
  • Is there something specific you do to solve their challenges and problems?
  • the type of  planning you need to do, will you retain customers or up-sell?
  • Are you trying to promote customers advocacy? How will that happen?
  • Will it be a challenge keep them engaged positively?
  • How do make sure your product, brand or service remains viable, relevant and a touchpoint in their lives?

Understand Future Customers

  • Find out what is challenging them right now?
  • Are you educating them about a problem they didn’t realise they needed a solution for?
  • Do they know what is available for them?
  • How will you acquire them?
  • Can you do things to motivate them to come across to you?
  • What do you need to do convince them you are the solution?

Old and lapsed customers

  • Are they a specific group of people?
  • Do you know what happened to them? Why did they stop purchasing?
  • Is there something you could you do to make them engage with you again and buy?
  • Could you make their offer engaging?
  • What possibilities are there for you to change negative feelings?
  • How can you win back old customers?

Understand your customers and show them you care

Finally, [bctt tweet=”What can you do to create #content and collateral that is appealing, engaging, relevant and happens at the right moment? Find out here.” username=”@supposeiam”] Remember it’s not enough to simply write blogs from your perspective. Ask your staff about what problems and questions they field every day. What is common? What is unusual? What is key? Look on forums like Quora and see what questions people are asking. Then research search terms and long tail queries. You might be surprised how different they are from your own approach.

Mix it up!

If you rarely email, send a newsletter or engage personally on social media then it’s time you revised that approach. These are easy ways to make a significant impact without blowing the budget. If you are not sure how to align the goals of your business and meet your core aims then it’s worth asking for help.

VKN Digital can offer support

We can also help you really understand your niche market and how to reach your particular audience. If you need to build a digital strategy we are here so contact us today to understand your challenges, pinpoint your customer focus and get started in really understanding your customer.

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