UK Pinterest Management Services 2018

UK Pinterest Management Services includes more than pinning

Our UK Pinterest Management Services were featured in The London Evening Standard a while back. They included it under the title: Odd jobs: the online careers you never knew existed. The journalist was incredulous that someone should earn money by pinning on Pinterest. If only it was that simple.

Pinterest is an extraordinary social media platform

Originally it was dismissed. Some commentators seemed to think it was a waste of time. I was interested to see them dismissing the largely female audience. Funny that females make so many buying decisions in business, in the domestic sphere and life in general. Why would you dismiss such a powerful market? Beats me.

Mind you even by July 2016 the proportion of men using Pinterest had continued to expand

You might even say there is approximately an even 50-50 gender split. Why is that happening? Probably to do with emerging markets seeing Pinterest’s potential. Japan, Korea and India are enthusiastic users and in fact Male Pinterest users are greater in number than some male magazine titles. Men are the fastest growing demographic and if you want to learn to market to men on Pinterest you can click here

At the end of the day people just want to add value to their lives by using Pinterest

Who doesn’t want to see an attractive picture that offers a solution or hack for your problems or interests? Who ever enjoyed bookmarking anyway? Pinterest is your digital scrapbook and it works beautifully for business as well as personal use. Esquire Magazine, Wall Street Journal and Harley Davidson to name a few.

Pinterest is time-consuming that’s why you need UK Pinterest Management Services

However, setting the gender debate aside Pinterest is brilliant for business. I’ve written time and again about its efficacy. There is one tiny problem that might put a spanner in the business works. Pinterest is time-consuming. No, it’s not just that you get side-tracked or that it’s like a black hole for precious minutes. All the tweaking, sorting, tagging, creating takes forever. That’s why UK Pinterest Management Services can take the hassle away allowing you to manage other parts of your business and still keep your Pinterest boards vibrant and healthy while driving traffic to your site. Once client had this to say when she emailed:

Hi Vivienne,

Hope you’re well

I’m getting in touch to enquire if you offer Pinterest management services.

I recently started an online health/nutrition advice website and health coaching business and I’ve recently discovered that Pinterest may be a good way of boosting my traffic.

After starting an account just yesterday and compiling a list of things I need to do to grow it to the level needed to drive a healthy amount of traffic to my blog I quickly realised with all of my other responsibilities its setup and management is not something I have time for.

I’m interested in discussing how you can help with setting up things like optimising pin descriptions for SEO, creating new boards, joining relevant group boards etc, as well as managing my account monthly.

5 time consuming things you need to do on Pinterest

  • To undertake marketing on Pinterest takes considerable time, effort, resources and money.
  • To ensure beautiful images appear on your website to encourage pinners is a significant investment.
  • To develop a strategy and undertake analytics and reporting takes time and knowledge.
  • To engage regularly and meaningfully with the community takes skill, empathy and creativity
  • To create pins specifically for campaigns requires knowledge and understanding.

All of these cannot be accomplished in just a few minutes and that’s why it’s worth bringing in help with your marketing by employing UK Pinterest Management Services.

So without doubt Pinterest is as much, if not more of a commitment, than other social media platforms. If your boards are languishing in a heap, you need an overhaul or a review then luckily we offer Pinterest Management Services to increase business impact. We can help you as little or as much as you like. Hire us to give you a Pinterest boost, overhaul your Pinterest strategy or manage engagement from week to week. We’ll even send you a copy of our brand new Pinterest For Businesses handbook, free of charge.

Here‘s a list of the UK Pinterest Management Services we offer:

  • Pinterest Account Creation
  • Pinterest Account Validation
  • Pinterest Analytics and Reporting
  • Pinterest Board Creation
  • Pinterest Content Curation
  • Pinterest Content Strategy
  • Pinterest Engagement
  • Pinterest Pin Creation
  • Pinterest Profile Optimisation
  • Pinterest Re-pinning
  • Pinterest Targeted Followers

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If you want our free Pinterest handbook then contact us and we’ll send it to you immediately.

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