Twitter Analytics is not for geeks!

Twitter Analytics – a re-kindled love affair with data!

So why use Twitter properly? For lots of reasons. You can uncover trends to inform future content. Twitter analytics can help you plan. You can benchmark against historical data. You could set targets and work out how far you want to go. You can optimize in real time using signals from Twitter analytic tools but best of all, you can get to know your audience.

Where are Twitter’s analytics? Let me at ‘em!

They are located at

Sign in and find the Twitter activity dashboard

At the top right there’s an arrow that shows where to toggle for different dashboards. You can explore  ‘Tweet Activity’ or ‘Followers’ dashboards for example.

Ok, I know you are thinking! I need data like another broccoli tree!

You need insights not observations. What do you do with yet more data? Let it rot in the back of the fridge with the ‘buy one get one free’ broccoli tree? Actually you can do quite a lot as it goes! Look at the peaks and troughs in your engagement. See how many times you are tweeting. Any correlation regarding engagement?

If you tweet more often do you get more interaction? When do you get RTs and at what time of the day? Are you tweeting at the wrong time for your follower base?

Are you still focusing on big data like followers or impressions by volume? Should you focus on who is actually engaging with you?

Are you following through or just expecting people to favourite or RT? Do you ever say thank you or ask what they liked about your tweet? Do you ever do anything with these ‘anonymous’ numbers who are real people? Just wondered! I’ll step back and take a breath now!

Have you asked what types of tweets perform best?

Have you added the right CTA or website address? Have you used an image as ‘click bait’? Have you had days that go mad? Have you worked out why this is happening? Have you wondered why days perform badly? Do you ever review your tweets? I can hear the silence from here! Have you explored what content is being re-tweeted and when and by whom? Why would you allow responses to simply dribble away down the sink? They are wasted opportunities to connect, to network, to support and engage.

Have you realised Favouriting is a sign of approval and maybe a signal you could try and strengthen a relationship? Do you ever do that?

‘I saw you Favourited my article about Twitter data here’s another one that goes into the topic in more detail’……see where we’re going with this?

Have you looked at the main characteristics of your followers? Have you checked their unique interests? Did you know your ‘tribe’ has a hidden passion for chocolate cupcakes. No? So what would happen if you wrapped your offering up in cocoa?

All these insights can help you shape your offerings so that when you decide to promote a few posts you’ll get more ROI. Who needs red roses when you can get a bunch of data instead!

Twitter is no longer a tweet and forget platform- analysis has never been this interesting. It’s like going through your underwear drawer and remembering what you wore for whom. Oh, is that just me? Lol

I did go on to have direct messages with Appleyard Flowers and they thanked me for being such a good sport…..and also for my postal address! You can see  that a ‘relationship’ has been developed so when I need flowers who do you think I will be using?

Thanks to the Twitter Academy team for all the amazing information in their webinars.

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