Twitter 4 business 4 non-believers

Twitter 4 business is more than you might think

I have been working with clients on their Twitter accounts. One thing I have learned while doing this is that as a social media marketer do not assume anything. In fact I love the adage ‘assume makes an ass of u and me’ That sums it up really. So does using the letter 4 instead of ‘four’, but there you go, needs must!

Change is the constant

It’s always difficult to bring a client round who has ‘tried’ Twitter 4 business and in their words’ just doesn’t see the point’. The positive and negative of every social media platform is that they change constantly. Outliers either claim the terrain in pioneer spirit or decide there’s nothing worth bothering with and go back home. If you’ve tried and failed perhaps it’s time to try again.

Think about it, there are now more than 550 million Twitter users registered so with so much traffic things will have inevitably changed since the early days. Check out Gartner if you want to see change and scare yourself!

Therefore if you have already explored Twitter and thought it was a waste of time then can I suggest you explore Twitter 4 business further. You will see the landscape has changed. If you stick around for any length of time you will see it continues to evolve.

So what’s different about Twitter and what is still the same?

  1. Twitter is about news. It’s about breaking headlines and new research. It’s about finding out what’s hot, what’s happening and what’s trending. Each social media platform has a different vibe, skew, atmosphere, call it what you will. [Tweet “Twitter is like a bar where people who want to be excited hang out”] and aren’t shy at starting up conversations or eavesdropping on what others are saying.
  2. Twitter 4 business is about more sharing and engagement than broadcasting. The days of ‘look at me, me, me and read my latest publication are all but over. People finally understand it’s about creating links, collaborations and engagement. Yes you can use Twitter for brand awareness but you had better put some thought into a campaign otherwise you’ll be just a blur in the fast-paced Twitter feed.
  3. The Internet opened up global possibilities. But we soon learned that [Tweet “scattering seed too wildly isn’t necessarily the best way to harvest a great crop”]. Using Twitter 4 business and targeting locally can have great results, however. Far better to have 100 interested local people who might attend your event, buy your local service rather than 10 000 world wide.
  4. Twitter is far more visual. [Tweet “You can make a statement about your brand by choosing some beautiful images.”] However busy people are, seduction is easy with great images. You may not associate Twitter with pictures but it really is time you did. They are making an impact
  5. You can promote your account and also promote your products. By signing up for Twitter Ads you can create some pretty neat Twitter cards (think football cards for reference) and leave a calling card for everyone in your stream to see.
  6. The essential thing is to develop a Twitter 4 business strategy before you begin. The days of posting tweets about doing the washing and drinking coffee are ‘has beens’ Think about what your brand typifies. Whoever you are there is no business, product or service that is EXACTLY the same so promote what makes you different. Create a sense of your brand. Tell people what you do, what makes you tick, what causes are dear to your heart, what you like to do for people or how you like to make them feel.
  7. Have you thought about how you construct your tweets? Are some tweets more effective than others? You bet. Read a great article about writing tweets here and here
  8. Once you have done all this then you can check your analytics and see just what does get you a response. It’s easy when you know how!
  9. If you feel you need a refresher course on any of the social media platforms contact me here and I can help you with Skype training. You can book from only 30 minutes upwards to a regular meet and evaluation of your social media strategy and its effectiveness. After all it’s easy to start but even easier to become despondent.

Go on explore Twitter 4 business once again but take a guide this time around. The exciting news is that Leadamo has just launched an exciting new help feature and revamped the design of their site! Check this out why don’t you?

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