Tweets what makes them irresistible?

What tweets prompt engagement?

When you turn around and your twitter feed states: ‘ 2652 new tweets’ what kind of tweet could possibly catch your eye? We can all say: news, special offers, discounts, pictures of cats, steamy couples and white sand beaches. Yet we also get heartily sick of watching a constant stream of ‘eye candy’. So what captures attention? Even Pinterest encourages provocative text beneath pins and it’s often this addition that drives interaction and a tangible call to action.

Tweets that are honest save the day

Two tweeters collaborated one evening and chatted about this notion of engagement. We both immediately noticed something interesting. It all began like this:

What prompts you to interact with a tweet?

What prompts you to interact with a tweet?

The answer was fired back immediately

What tweets prompt engagement?

What tweets prompt engagement?

I will confess these two tweeters have chatted on many occasions. However, what was the trigger this time? Shared experience it seems.

Look at this:

A tweet that is natural stands out!

I immediately responded as the same thing had happened to me in the last couple of days:

Surprising tweets affect other tweeters

We both came to the conclusion that so much preening and official speak on twitter actually makes us change who we really are:

This is where we write: ‘Tweet natural’, to appropriate an advertising slogan!

140 characters (or fewer for best effect) can carry so much weight and occasionally we should take a more organic approach to the manner in which we tweet. Automated posts, for example have come under fire and for good reason. The ‘bung in a quote for good measure’ brigade, need to bear that in mind. After all, social media should be just that. It’s an opportunity to be creative, honest, communicative and well, sociable. If you are disappointed by your lack of interaction perhaps it’s time to recreate your tweeting besides manner.

Returning to the notion of a ‘tweeting telephone voice’ why not review your twitter feed and see just what your tweets are really saying about you. Of course you can always find someone to help you. It’s surprising what a difference hiring a writer to compose your tweets can make.

We finished off our conversation like this:

Accidental sincerity prompted tweets to be more engaging

Accidental sincerity prompted tweets to be more engaging

Everyone realises by now, well, at least I hope they do, that each platform has its own personality and no one really promotes cross posting, but occasionally the tone taken from say Pinterest can work effectively on Twitter and tweets  suddenly look special and exciting on Facebook. Therefore a top tip to promote more conversations, more responses, and prevent the feeling that you are not like a tiny star in the far flung outpost of the universe would be, to mix up your narrative voice and be honest. Thanks Writer’s Greenhouse I hope your blooms flourish!

What accidental successes have you experience on Twitter? Care to share? We’d love to know what works for you.

Do follow @writers’greenhse and @supposeiam to see how these two make their way through the twittersphere. Look forward to meeting you on Twitter.

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