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How your tweets get noticed

A Twitter spokesperson said: ‘Twitter is a global town square.’ I thought about this. Yes, an interesting metaphor. In one sense people pitch up and shout the latest news. People gather and maybe act on, or talk about what they’ve heard. Twitter allows us to tap into conversations on immediate and specific interests. With the right tweeting tips you might get noticed.

The only downside of this analogy is the town crier was not much interested in engagement or tweeting tips! Essentially he was broadcasting and that is definitely not the point of social media. When you consider there are now 271 mill monthly active users, 500mill tweets every day and 78% of these are happening on mobile you need to tweet smart to get noticed. People are on the go in that moment, so be there tweeting in a way that engages, and taps into their needs with these tweeting tips now!

Top 10 tweeting tips to out-tweet competitors

  1. Use Twitter analytics and see there are spikes in conversations through the day. So what? Well, imagine you sell bagels or muffins, breakfast or run a sandwich bar. If you check the spike around the #hungry what do you see? Repeatable patterns of everyday life. So, if you tap into hungry, bored, tired, relax niche you are targeting people who need your message right then. So tweeting tip number one is: tweet when appropriate where possible.
  2. Don’t hashtag every word – please, no! 1-2 is admirable, 3 is bordering on silly and anymore well, it’s like having your face tattooed. Why would you? This is an important tweeting tip
  3. Keep tweets easily consumable so it needs to be short right? Shorter than 140 character? Yup. Aim for 100 max. This pains me more than anything else, but I must do it!
  4. Be a natural part of the conversation. This is one of many important tweeting tips. Use a hashtag that fits the phrase (as appropriate to your niche of course)
  5. Group yourself within a category like #blogging #parenting or ¢books for example. You can sit between business and the community in this way
  6. Conversations can actually lead to business, ideas, solutions, brainwaves. Did you know that engagement is up 35% when a tweet is grouped in a hashtag conversation. This is the way to bring customers to your business. Think about it: 57% discovered an SMB on the platform but have they found you yet? Use some of these tweeting tips and see the difference in engagement. See how being part of the conversation works? Look for the opportunities to respond naturally.
  7. Tweet smart and know your goal before you tweet. Are you capturing a lead or is your message objective based. Often tweets are confused and people don’t know how to react. For example: ‘my book is published today. Read it.’ What? What’s this about? You might know as it’s your project but it doesn’t speak to me. Think about appropriate calls to action. Consider a hashtag push into a blogger network as one of many tweeting tips. A little thought will reap rewards. Use a lead generation card which is very visual with a call to action that might be a sign up.
  8. Get savvy and learn tips of seduction and anticipation from a stripper. Don’t give the whole message. Tease and tempt so people have to click to get the whole message.
  9. Surround your tweets with images that become part of the message. It’s not about promotion only, but engagement. So ensure you use the vuisual on the twitter platform and don’t send people away to click. Maybe attach a Vine video or make good use of creative stock images from Flicker creative commons for example. This one one of the basic tweeting tips that makes a real difference in click through rate.
  10. What’s the tenth one? Can you add it in the comment box and continue this blog?

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