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Should you use a tweet writing service?

We all hate automate posts. They stink! We all hate feeling like we are talking to automatons. So isn’t a tweet writing service a bad idea? Shouldn’t I just tweet when I have a bit of time? Being a consistent voice on Twitter is essential. Being engaging,  informative, helpful and a tangible presence is essential. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to being successful on Twitter. A specialist can make a difference to your Twitter profile and how your product, brand or service is portrayed.

8 reasons why you might consider a Tweet writing service

  1. No time. You  need to update your twitter feed but there’s never enough time. When you’re running a small business and  trying to juggle every job from office cleaner to book keeper , who needs Twitter? 25 tweets for £12 could do the trick. You can also spend more time actively listening. e You might engage more and begin developing your customer service on Twitter.
  2. No money for marketing. A tweet writing service is an economical way to get tweets. You can buy them when you need them and only when you then. Target local traffic, niche marketing or something more global. After all Twitter has grabbed 30% of  the global social media share. Have you?
  3. Need a specialised additional writer. You already have someone who manages your marketing. But are they expert tweet writers or all-rounders? Could you do with another voice? Maybe a different perspective to add some zip to your tweets? Our tweet writing service can help you develop bespoke marketing and engagement. Buy it when  you need it.
  4. Need more specific experience. An accomplished tweet writer can examine your business website. They’ll assess your social media output, ask the right questions and write bespoke tweets to suit your business or niche.  They can make use of Twitter’s analytics. If you want to do it yourself read all about it.A Tweet writing service will be imaginative, original and prompt engagement.
  5. Need technical know how Does Twitter freak you out? Don’t know your hash tag from your url? No idea how to schedule posts or shrink your url? A tweet writing service can handle all of this for you and ensure your tweets are noticed. We can also help you add images that gives you 5x more impact.
  6. Need to overcome scepticism? Check the testimonials from satisfied clients across all business types.
  7. Need to move away from the we’ve always done it like this’ outlook. Need someone to revamp your twitter profile, strategy or evaluate your current output? This tweet writing service is part of a larger package. We can train you, assist in all aspects of social media and provide engaging tweets.
  8. Need to master Twitter Ads and best practices. Our Twitter specialists can help you launch a campaign, track your analytics and also manage your Twitter feed too. Read Twitter tips for business here.

Here are 8 good reasons to bring in an additional Tweet writer and benefit from Twitter’s opportunities. Don’t let your Twitter feed drift. Engagement, tweeting appropriately at key times will make a difference to your marketing efforts.  If you can be released from writing Twitter strategies and the tweets themselves you can use that time to really engage with your growing follower community. So contact us now about our tweet. writing services.

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