Blogging still matters here’s 15 reasons why

  • Feel blogging is dead?
  • Do you think video is the way forward?
  • Are you considering abandoning your blog?

Blogging still matters here’s 15 reasons why

  1. Blogging gives a massive opportunity to explore every tip of long tail search term.
  2. It’s is a quick way for people to find answers to specific questions.
  3. Blogging can keep you top of mind
  4. Blogging helps build trust and allegiance

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Let me convince you that blogging is still hyper critical for your content marketing strategy in 2018

You might be thinking I’ll have a hard job but to kick off let’s start with a stat:

A Hubspot survey demonstrated that businesses using blogging as a cornerstone of their content marketing strategy gained almost 70% more leads.

OK, you’re probably thinking, how can that be?

Blogging is a great starting point for consumers and potential clients. They may take time to convert but a regular, pertinent and thoughtful blog will build influence. If you blog regularly and cover every which way to search for your product, brand or service then you can nail long tail search terms.

Also, people begin to trust a regular voice that is there to help, advise, inform, educate, support.

When you are blogging regularly you have some great material to promote on social media, in an email campaign or newsletter.

I guess you are resisting right now and saying: what about video, that’s the way to go?

I say, ‘what about it?’ Video has a significant role to play, of course, but call me old fashioned, sometimes reading a carefully crafted 1500+ word blog is what I need. Google agrees and suggests that around 10% of searches for specific needs revolves around gaining information about a generic topic. Consider that for a moment. If you are not blogging you are not tapping into this ‘significant and specific need’.

I have written countless blogs and have been blogging for 10 years+

It must run into the thousands since I began writing full time in 2008. Blogging forms part of my DNA. I have blogged for the great and the good and even written thought leadership pieces for thought leaders (come on, you have to laugh ironically at that one.) The thing about blogging is it gives you an opportunity to be you.

This particular blog is very much my feisty opinion. Its tone is different from many I write. You can gain a sense of who I am and how I write and my perspective. You know a human is behind this blog. I am writing about a generic topic: blogging. I’m doing this because many people, including myself sometimes, are skeptical about its efficacy.

So, for those who are super impatient and want to skim everything, here is the ultimate list:

Top 15 reasons why blogging still matters

  • 5. Blogging helps you develop a brand personality
    6. Blogging gives you material to use on social
    7. You can repurpose blogging materials into a 101 new content marketing assets
    8. Blogging is a great differentiator
    9. It’s is a great way to drive traffic
    10. Search engines have to crawl your website each time you publish
    11. Over time your blog gradually builds into a massive resource that demonstrates knowledge
    12. Your blog encourages inbound links
    13. A blog gives you the chance to set up a discussion
    14. Your blog is more effective than advertising.
    15. Blogging gets you to think right around your niche and forces you to be creative, valuable and exciting.

So, what are you waiting for? If you need help sorting out a blogging/content strategy call us for a chat. VKN Digital contact details are right here

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