The Top SEO Factors to Watch Out For in 2019

Remember, in 2019 what worked for SEO purposes last year may not get you the same kind of results With Google using artificial intelligence (AI) for almost 30% of search queries, there is a dramatic change in the way it ranks sites. So, it’s essential that you monitor the important factors for 2019. In this article, we explain the top factors you need to watch out for.

Quality Link Building

The linking structure is one among the significant SEO factors that determines the credibility of any website. Google checks the number of links to know how valuable your site is to other people. Though there is lots of valuable content, if you don’t have links, there is little chance for search engines to acknowledge your site. Also, natural linking is the key! The higher the authority of the websites you have backlinks from, the more beneficial it is to your website. Do go for links that are beneficial in the long term.

Structured Data

Structured data isn’t a ranking factor, but it is vital in SEO for quite a few reasons. It plays a greater role in improving your click-through rates. By adding schema, you’re improving how your website appears in the search engines. For those who don’t know, a schema is an outline, diagram, or model. In computing, schemas are most often utilised to describe the structure of different data types. A well-constructed schema improves website relevance and visibility. So adding a well-designed schema not only drives more traffic but will increase the number of clicks that indirectly helps boost your rankings. Also, structured data allows the addition of images, reviews, prices and more similar information in the form of rich snippets. These make your website more competitive on the search engine result pages.

Image SEO

Images help the audience remember information for a longer period of time. So having high-quality visuals in your content is very important. Not only that, proper image SEO should also be implemented. This includes techniques such as reducing image file size, using right attributes, filenames, title & descriptions, alt tags, image dimensions, etc. Having proper image SEO will help you with:

Improved Page Load Time
Great User Experience
Increased Image Search Rankings

If you need assistance with image attributions and schema development do contact us and we can help with your general website housekeeping so you can get on with building your business.

Podcast SEO

If used correctly, podcasts can be excellent for building your brand and driving direct traffic to your website. However before you consider podcasts, check if your potential customers are listening to podcasts related to your niche. Podcast marketing is also a form of content marketing. The exception here is that the content here is consumed in a digital format. By adding rich content to your site and attracting links, podcasts can help with your SEO efforts. So make sure your podcast content is interesting, compelling, useful and entertaining so that it attracts links on its own. Though a time and effort-consuming strategy, it’s worth the investment.

If you need help or advice with setting up a podcast do contact us as we have a mass of experience to make your journey into podcasting very easy.

Voice Search

A recent report states that voice searches are expected to account for 50% of all online queries by 2020. Even now, a considerable 20% of queries on mobile are coming from voice searches through apps like Siri, OK Google and Cortana, which means SEO is more likely to shift towards natural questions. You will need to focus more on how people search with their voices and will work towards providing them the most accurate answers. So, voice search is something you should take into consideration if you want to keep ahead of the competition. Think about what kind of queries you use and how they differ from typed queries. Our searches are more conversational such as ‘Ok Google, I’m looking for a place that sells running shoes.’ IT’s very different from the original Boolean type search which was “running+shoes+for sale”


The number of mobile users rises every year. A study by Statista states that 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones in 2018. With mobile friendliness being considered a key ranking factor, search engines prefer websites that are more mobile friendly. Google’s mobile-first index update too work based on the ranking signals from any website’s mobile version. So to increase your chances of ranking in search engines, you will have to keep your website mobile friendly. People use their phones and mobile devices differently to desktops. It’s more instant, active and spontaneous. Be prepared for that.

User Experience

User experience is a factor lesser known to everyone. With Google started using AI to analyze the behavior of users, re-visits, shares, conversions, etc., it’s more likely to give importance to factors such as user query related content, user interface design and bounce rate. Good user experience will play a significant role in increasing the chances of people engaging with your website. So, by improving the same, you can considerably improve your search engine rankings. Look at your website. Use it on a mobile device. Look at the use of text and images. Decide whether it’s easy to use, clear and attractive. Can you do what you need to do, or find what you need to find quickly and efficiently?

Local Business Listings & NAP

Location-based searches are increasing, and are becoming a fundamental channel for companies looking to drive business from local search. Currently, 1 out of 5 Google search results are related to location, which explains why local SEO should be your top priority. Optimizing your business listings is the best way to rank in local searches. Google themselves has recommended having a well setup profile on Google My Business. Having a consistent NAP, improved customer reviews and ratings will help! We have a three part series on local search for you to download right here.

If you think your website needs an SEO overhaul, a design tweak, website development or a shift in the way you create contact then chat to us. We have many years of experience and can help you make a difference between being ignored and being found. Chat to us today about SEO development, build your online presence and create the user experience people want from your business.

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