The best ever Pinterest advice for business

Why pinning bad product pics is a mistake

Pinterest uptake in Europe is slow. Strange really, when it has romped home in the US. According to Pew research (thank you, guys) 28% of all adults in the US are Pinterest users. It does look like Europeans needs Pinterest advice for business.

Europe thinks Pinterest advice for business is about pinning product pics, period

Yes, that’s part of it but to make serious money through Pinterest and to get pinners to take your products seriously there’s much more to do than you may imagine. Quite often Pinterest advice for business just skips over the essentials.

Here’s a round up of the best ever Pinterest advice for business

  1. Pinterest is visual. Not a shock, but the [Tweet “Pinterest and the power of the photograph”] Original, beautiful, aspirational images epitomizes Pinterest. Each pic you pin should shout, ‘Hey, look at me I am desirable!’ [Tweet “You want the viewer to have an ‘OMG moment’ “]followed by a ‘I must share, check out, have, buy’ action. The quality of some pins will NEVER elicit this reaction.
  2. Quality of your images is vital – always. This means they should be professional and it’s worth investing money in original photos preferably not stock. However, investing money in stock photos can work. There are a lot of sites where you can get high resolution images for free or at a very low rate. E.g.,, and you can also create quite easily your own gorgeous images with Canva for example, What ever you choose, don´t ask your best friend to shoot some pics with his 16 megapixel new smartphone! They should be vertical, minimum 736 by 498, optimum, 736 by 110 by and be at least 200DP. This is spot on, essential business advice for Pinterest that makes a massive difference to traction on Pinterest.
  3. Keyword optimize your profile (as well as your board descriptions and pin descriptions) Hey, try filling in the profile correctly as a starting point – many don’t. You have 160 characters available. This is your sales pitch, your launch pad, your 10 seconds to impress, so use it.
  4. Create a strategy that belongs on Pinterest only. Don’t pin from one platform to another with little thought. Create a strategy with professional help before you even think about using paid advertising on the platform. [Tweet “Putting a Pin It button on your site is a basic task”] but so many businesses fail to do this. Consider it the very basic housekeeping task.
  5. Use keyword enriched pins. Use a professional writer to write concise but interesting text to accompany your pin. Decide who your target audience should be. Use relevant hashtags, data about the product and a call to action. If you use hashtags, Pinterest doesn´t really like them, whatever you may read elsewhere, use tailor made ones. So for example #contentcreator (my handle on Pinterest) Link the description to the pin so the two go hand in hand when shared from your website.
  6. Considering your target audience is essential. Spend time considering/analyzing who is important to your business and do not guess. [Tweet “Pinterest is not just about women anymore.”] One third of the subscriptions on Pinterest since January 2015 are men. The most favourite categories on Pinterest for them are: DIY,Technology, Food and Drink. Do not neglect your current audience but have your targets at the back of your mind too. You content should be user centric. It is for them essentially and if you get that right the benefits will return to you.
  7. Pinterest is soft, soft sell and this links to the last point. Treat it with kid gloves. It is about seduction but a carefully stage-managed seduction. Strategic boards are vital but they need to look gorgeous. Repining is also vital but done with love. It’s all about giving consumers pleasure – that’s why they are on Pinterest. When the mood is created they spend, spend, spend. Do remember that men and women react somewhat differently on Pinterest, even Jay Baer has a comment to make on this one! Interact with people; it is social media after all. So mention people in pins when you pin their content e.g. the way to do this to put an @ before their handle. A handle is the username after / Mine for example is /contentcreator
  8. Remember Pinterest is part fantasy. It’s about dreams, aspirations and inspiration, however the Pinterest search is very powerful and people are using it in a pragmatic fashion to find images of things they need. They recently introduced a new technology which determines whether your male or female! So gender based search is here! Forget this and you might as well be somewhere else.

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Article written by Vivienne Neale & Maarten Bierman

Vivienne Neale founder of the Freelancer Academy

Vivienne Neale


Maarten Bierman

Pics by Ben_Kerckx, UNsplash and Bergadder from Pixabay

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