The Art of Blending Creativity and SEO in Content Writing

Jon Buscall rightly said, “Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, undoubtedly content is still back, front and centre. Whether it’s blogs, social media, webpage, etc. content forms the integral part of a successful SEO campaign.

The three main points to consider in content writing are –

  • Text optimization
  • Satisfying audience needs
  • Maintaining creativity throughout

If you fail to embrace creativity in your writing techniques, you will just end up creating content like others. This reduces the chance of being unique and resonating with a potential client. The content you write should not be just for search engines to recognize your website. Rather, it should be engaging and provide the right information for your audience. Doing so, will make you a trusted brand and help to outgrow your business. People are constantly looking for answers to problems and questions. Therefore be an expert in your niche.

A passionate and knowledgeable web content writer can balance creativity and SEO. Below are some of the important tips that will help you to master the knack of blending creativity and SEO into your content writing.

1. Keywords – The root of all searches

The very first step to creating useful content is finding and incorporating the right keywords and phrases that your audience use to find you on search engines. This demonstrates just what answers they need. You can use free tools like Keyword Planner to kdiscover the keywords or terms that your audience use to perform online searches. Once you have decided on the keywords, incorporate them in your content in a meaningful way. Be very careful not to stuff the keywords. It will bring down your business rather than boosting it. First of all you need to service the reader not a search engine.

The longer the keyword the better your content ranking will be. So, opt for long tail keywords. The algorithm has more of a chance of making an exact match.

2. Know your audience

As a content writer you might have great ideas and script for your content. You might even be a master in presenting the content in a unique and creative manner. But, it is very important to know what your audience are really looking for. Otherwise your content will be superfluous. Content that solves the problem of customers only ensures the success of your SEO efforts. Theerfore listen to your audience. Do some research, find out just what they want not what you THINK they want.

3. Statistics and Facts pave way for persuasive writing

People share content which they find interesting and useful. The more people like and share your content the more search engines will rank your content. Including facts and statistics will not only make your content interesting but also makes your content persuasive and inspiring. Present the facts and statistics engagingly so that so your audience doesn’t get bored otherwise there are chances you may get high bounce rate.

Above all, make sure that your content fulfils all the SEO guidelines. Just writing content that is not optimized to attract traffic will not help your brand. There are number of free tools that help to identify how SEO friendly your content is. You can revise your final content accordingly.

Unique content is very important for successful SEO efforts. Thus, if you write content based on the above expert tips, organize for skimmers and make it plagiarism free, then there can be no reason your audience will not love your content. For content writing services in Cornwall, visit

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