“Vivienne’s writing is first class. She can flex to suit any topic and manages to understand the audience regardless of industry sector. The writing is always lively and engaging with a pace that makes the reader want to act. This is a perfect writing style for the web where attention spans are low and competition high. I would highly recommend Vivienne for your next writing project. ”

 Laura Iosifescu

“What I like the most about Vivienne is how flexible she is when you need a job done. Being an artist you are not always in control of your timetable`s activities but she understands your needs and she will do her best to help you out. Vivienne knows how to listen to every word that you are saying then she transforms it magically, into movie text sceneries. I just love how she expresses herself in her writings and it is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented writer.”

Laura Iosifescu
Deganit Gannon Candles by Deganit

“Vivienne answered my desperate call for help and took me in as a personal project. Her vast knowledge and understanding of social media isn’t like one of those young smart ones who were born into the world of computers, internet and social media, but acquired out of grasping change as inevitable and a good part of evolution. With Vivienne’s help and teachings (she didn’t spare me of some stinging criticism and I thank her for that too) I adopted the right attitude toward my candle making business and the blogging and social media related to it. I already see results of our work together and can’t thank her enough. Thank you Vivienne.”

Deganit Gannon Candles by Deganit
Abdullah Al Saleh THANKS Initiative

“I have been working with the wonderful Vivienne for a while now, and to be honest for everyone reading my words, she delivers a portfolio of spectacular work including script writing, blogging and social media management. Vivienne is more than a freelance writer; she has the capacity to build the portfolio of your organization with strategic planning. I can tell for sure, she has the upper hand in establishing THANKS initiative. Million thanks Vivienne.”

Abdullah Al Saleh THANKS Initiative
Hitesh Mistry Leadamo

“I’ve worked with Vivienne for well over a year now. She produces high quality work all the time and delivers way beyond expectation. The ideas she has generated are unique and have helped Leadamo get to where it is today. She takes full ownership of work which is hard to find from a freelancer. She is available via email and skype, which has made my life even easier!”

Hitesh Mistry Leadamo
Flavours Holidays

“Vivienne has a clear and professional approach to writing. She uses an authentic voice and is passionate about telling stories to diverse audiences.”

Flavours Holidays
HM MLFuentes Hypnotherapy

“Vivienne was very helpful and provided me with engaging tweets for my site. She went over and beyond what I asked, offering extra advice and support.

I look forward to working with Vivienne in the future and I am sure that she will provide an outstanding service to anyone requesting her services.”

HM MLFuentes Hypnotherapy
Steve W

“Vivienne is fantastic with social media and even for slightly tricky clients comes up with some excellent tweets that get noticed. She is also very nice to work with and always endeavours to make sure that everything is perfect.”

Steve W
Miles Campbell General Manager Teacher Training Australia

“Vivienne has been a powerful tonic for me and our team. Her ability to grasp our business, understand our vision, and see our weaknesses was impressive. What really made a difference though, was Vivienne’s honest and forthright feedback, combined with incredibly creative ideas coming from someone so new to our business. She has really challenged us to make big changes to our business, and has done so in an extremely efficient manner. I am so glad we discovered Vivienne, she is a very rare find.”

Miles Campbell General Manager Teacher Training Australia
Ron Goddard Techventures, London

Thought leadership starts with insight and the confidence to challenge the status quo. Vivienne has this in abundance! Great insight, creative flair and delivers ahead of schedule. Look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

Ron Goddard Techventures, London

Techventures is successful consultants in the tech sector and current Angel Investors, Non Executive Directors and Members of the Board for StartUps Netberg.com and Highflyers.london. They are also certified Mentors for one of the worlds biggest accelerator start-up programme, MassChallenge.

Their VISION is to help tech entrepreneurs and enterprises create a better world for the next generation by leveraging the power and value of technology through innovation. Their MISSION is simple and in two parts;
1) To provide a platform for creativity where start-ups and entrepreneurs can gain access to expertise, insight as well as possible Angel investment.
2) Help existing technology enterprises with advisory and consultancy services on key strategic matters, examples being;
Go To Market Strategy
Turnarounds in preparation for possible M&A
Business Development and Sales Operations
Interim Leadership and Project Management
Their STRATEGY is to partner with businesses, start-up communities, incubators and accelerators ideally located in London or looking to headquarter in the around the UK.
Techventures’ aim was to increase awareness and drive engagement predominantly through high value content creation and social media. Their digital assets were: a website, a LinkedIn profile and a Twitter account with 30 followers.

The Problem

Techventures London is a successful consultancy that relies predominantly on word of mouth. Direct referrals are the bread and butter of this company. However, time spent on ineffective marketing has been costly to. Up to September 2015 these efforts had not yielded any tangible results. The ROI was zero. Techventures were struggling to negotiate a way through the digital noise and were unsure as to their next digital marketing moves. As consultancy experts their skills lie elsewhere and it was decided to bring in a marketing consultant.

Vivienne K Neale Digital Solutions

  • Undertake data analysis and see where target audience were ‘hanging out’ and what traffic was using the website and for what reason
  • Analyse visitor behaviour, bounce rate, customer journey and behaviours. Then suggest ongoing website development.
  • Suggest most effective social media platforms for Techventures. In this instance: Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Prepare engaging and provocative social media posts
  • Write well-researched, valuable and engaging articles
  • Manage, engage, follow, comment and manage two social media platforms daily.
  • Outline changes and trends that will impact on Techventures content production and social media presence.
  • Remain agile, creative, updated and flexible regarding digital marketing practices.
  • Offer regular advice and input regarding key topics, trending niche market topics.
  • Train company in art of podcasting and creating audio/visual content.


  • 400% increase in brand awareness on social media
  • £10K per month saving in opportunity cost
  • 25% increase in productivity
  • Time saved: 1 week in every 4
  • Over 50K in annualized sales and counting

“ Vivienne’s contribution to TechVentures has been staggering over the past 3 months. It’s easy to be consumed and overwhelmed by vanity metrics and the noise that exists in the word of digital marketing without having any empirical or quantifiable result to anchor to. Not in this case. Vivienne K Neale Digital is a true strategic partner that creates differentiation and delivers a huge multiple return on investment. “

Ron Goddard – Techventures.london

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