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Website Maintenance

Now is the time to think carefully about your website. You also need to consider consumer awareness of your brand. What does your website say about your business? Right now, many find that working from home gives an opportunity to re-evaluate our messaging. We can now explore just how well our digital assets are truthfully looking after customers. We should not forget all those people looking for assistance in these difficult times.

It’s time to realign your messaging with what people want now

If people are expecting brands to stop advertising in the conventional sense, then what can we do to remain relevant and always available? Marketing Week undertook some research just before the UK lockdown and received about 2.5K survey responses. The gist was that many brands were going to put a stop to planned advertising activity. That usually means ceasing paid media and campaigns. This was the reality of trading in a period of tremendous uncertainty. Inevitably many companies will be dipping into cash reserves and any spend will have to be undertaken very carefully. So what’s next?

Is it best to just do nothing?

Website Audit

However, is this the time where brands go dark and simply stop communicating with people? In my opinion I think that is exactly the opposite of what is required. But I say that with a caveat. Any messaging we put out today must be completely different to the messaging that was going out before the pandemic struck. There is no way that intense selling is appropriate right now. No one wants to hear or experience that. Neither do audiences want to be bombarded with false promises that cannot be fulfilled. The UK government’s messaging, regarding PPE, demonstrates just how damaging false promises can be to an audience. It’s never been easier to risk your reputation. Mismanagement of risk is something none of us can afford as we fight for survival on the health and business fronts.

A website really is your virtual shop window

Therefore, I believe that now is the time to use a website more effectively. Over the past few years websites have been losing some appeal as people communicated directly through social. But a well-designed, personalized and communicative website is a backstop. With more time available, consumers are on the hunt. An alternative way of brand building to old style banner advertising or chasing potential customers around the Internet is now more appropriate. How do I come to this conclusion? It’s obvious that people, especially in the 18-24 category, are moving towards trusted sources for their information. People want to go to digital spaces where they feel safe. If people are struggling with cash flow, then what they spend will have to carefully managed. A website can really help them make the right decision about a brand. So, what will people be thinking about yours?

Reach out and help

User Experience

We all understand that contextually relevant advertising gives everyone more bang for their buck. When your messaging sits within a creative and personalized context then communication is far more effective. For example, imagine that you step out of a wedding car outside a church and the first person you bump into is someone trying to sell you a dishwasher! You may well want one, you may well have studied a few models and prices a few weeks previously but at that very moment a dishwasher is the last thing on your mind. There’s zero chance of success, in that context and at that moment. This is why how you create your website environment is so important.

Aligning your brand and services with the needs of a consumer has always been important

However, some companies have generally ignored the advice. Already, in just a few weeks we are all beginning to realise that this marks the start of a brand-new way of life. A brand-new way of doing business will run alongside. We know that we are living through a period that will be a significant part of future history texts. How we survive is very much down to how we behave right here, right now. Our business websites may well be able to help.

It’s time to undertake a basic website audit

As time is the commodity, we appear to have most of at this moment, then may I suggest you undertake a company website audit. When you’ve done that then why not call a creative web development team that can help you navigate these choppy waters and make your website more appealing, more relevant and also answer the needs of people looking.

How to undertake a basic website audit to test user experience

This is about the look, feel and functionality of your website. We are not talking analytics or SEO at this moment. We are going back to basics.

Scroll through your website on a laptop, then try on a hand-held device and most importantly check each page on mobile.

Time how long it takes to load on each device and what you see on a page as screen size changes.

Consider your emotional response to the website.

  • Are the colours appealing?
  • Are the explanations helpful and easy to find and read?
  • Is the structure intuitive?
  • Are there too many clicks to reach the desired destination?
  • What about your branding?
  • Does your logo look tired?
  • Are some of the compromises you accepted years ago detrimental to your brand?
  • Are the images original and pertinent?
  • Are they legal?
  • Have you checked copyright?
  • Are they the right dimension or have they simply outstayed their welcome?
  • Is the messaging attractive, and does it show empathy for the reader?
  • Have you put the audience at the centre of your copy?
  • Will they feel like they matter?
  • Have you been honest and transparent in your messaging?
  • Do you hassle for too much information too early?
  • Will people feel pressured or intimidated by what they see on your home page?

Do you need to transform your style as a consequence of the new business landscape? You don’t want to be a driver of mistrust. People are looking for reassurance. They need you to reach out and help. Does your website fulfil that function?

If you need help with any of this process, we would be happy to spend 30 minutes looking at your website with you and suggesting some fixes. Why not contact us today? Let’s see what need to be done to improve your website’s performance and relevance.

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