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Effective Content Marketing Pays Every Time

Content Marketing
Today I was listening to a podcast from Deloitte University Press, as you do. This was my relaxation after a tough day; strange but true. My content marketing hat was definitely jammed on my head as I listened to the…

How to fight off writer’s block

Writing Retreat
Some simple writing exercises can transform viewpoint and maybe shed light on what I wonder what you have written today, or whether you are still mulling over ideas while doing something else? Your viewpoint is different to mine and is…

No 42 A Pair of Leather Trousers My Life In Objects

My Life in Objects
Why do leather trousers never cease to be fashionable? Is it just a case of sex, drugs and rock n roll or is it piety, Horlicks and a bit of hymn singing? Leather trousers have a specific cachet; they still…