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Page speed matters to your website, here’s why (Part 1)

Website Maintenance
If the page speeds on your website are slow, visitors vanish How slow is slow? Well sadly anything above 4 seconds! Yes, it may well be their loss but ultimately it’s yours. Think of all the effort that has gone…
when did you last spring clean your website and undertook website development?

You need website development in 2018

Website Development
Website development is as important as the initial website build Firstly, website development  is not necessarily about taking your website apart and rebuilding from scratch. Secondly, we consider website development  to be like housekeeping. Your overhaul or a clean sweep…
website underperformance impacts negatively on your business

Website Underperformance and Fixes

Website Maintenance
Is your business website underperforming? Do you feel like your website is not being noticed? Are you a little embarrassed by how your website looks? Has  website  underperformance been affecting business growth and sales? Do these questions hit the spot?…
Mobile-friendly websites - essential in today's business world

Mobile-Friendly Websites: Because You’re Probably Reading This On a Mobile Device

Website Maintenance
These days, about 60% of web search traffic originates from a tablet or mobile device. By not optimising your site for mobile devices, you’re not only creating a poor first impression for mobile users, but you could also be losing…
Websites - infographic about website housekeeping

Websites Are Your Shop Window: How To Keep Them Looking Their Best – Infographic

Website Maintenance
Think of your website as a shop window for your business. You want it to look its best. It should be easy to find, it should dazzle and attract attention for all the right reasons and it should showcase the…
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Website Housekeeping: An Essential Guide

Website Maintenance
Every Webmaster, be they a clueless newcomer or a bonafide pro, needs to get stuck into some good website housekeeping once in a while. Your website is your shop window; your most significant asset that needs to look, talk and act the…