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voice search means one less text based search

Voice search will change your business – Are you prepared?

Search Engine Optimisation
Voice search has become the new hot topic in marketing and content creation It’s the new tech on the block that is very quickly making its way into our homes. The concept of voice search has been floating around for…
Voice search will you be the result that's offered?

Voice search is the future of search and engagement

Search Engine Optimisation
Why is Voice Search important to business futures? Voice search and the future. Are you ready? Voice search is the future of marketing and engagement and is about being more engaged and personal with customers. Voice search is part of…
Voice search and local search

Voice Search Is Growing In Popularity – Is Your Local Business Ready?

Local Search
As artificial intelligence improves and proliferates, we are seeing more and more people using voice search to find what they’re looking for online. These days we’re carrying virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana in our back pockets, and we’ve invited…