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Social Media The Movie

Social Media The Movie

Social Media
Social Media; The Movie Review Part One I had to laugh when I opened the url for ‘Social Media: the Movie’ Of course I was intrigued by the idea of Social Media The Movie and miffed I hadn’t thought of…
Brick And Mortar: Getting Customers Offline And Into Stores

Bricks And Mortar: Getting Customers Offline And Into Retail Stores

Local Search
Online shopping is at an all time high, but what does this mean for retail stores who need customers in line to make a profit?
Everything You Need To Know About Pinterest's New Changes

What You Need To Know About Pinterest’s Update

Regular Pinterest user? Worried that everything seems different? Don’t worry, we have all the information you need to know.
How To Get Your Message To The Busiest Audience

How To Get Your Message To The Busiest Audience

Content Marketing
Multitasking is how we work and live. How do you reach busy consumers whose attention is constantly being fought for? Learn more here…
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Twitter's 280 Characters

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Twitter’s 280 Characters

Social Media
Twitter has been throwing around the idea of stretching tweet to 280 characters. What would happen in the world of marketing and beyond if Twitter doubles down?

Ed Sheeran quits Twitter: the trolls win again

When multi-award-winning singer Ed Sheeran recently stood centre stage as a headliner at Glastonbury Festival, he found a sea of love staring right back him. However, when he’s face to face with his Twitter feed, it’s a very different story.…
Social media influencers

Social Influencers: Inspiring Female Thought Leaders Worth Following

Social Media
Earlier this year, we shared a round up of some of our favourite thought leaders on Twitter. You may have noticed that all of these thought leaders were male. This wasn’t a deliberate choice, it just turned out that way.…
Facebook Moderators: bullying

Facebook Moderators & Their Broken Moral Compass

Social Media
Facebook’s motto is ‘Move fast and break things’. That ethos might be good for innovation, but it appears to be contributing to a growing problem. Quite simply, Facebook has lost control of its content. And it’s having real world, negative…
social media advertising and 10 Downing Street

Social media advertising and politics: have we crossed the rubicon?

Social Media
When it comes to social media advertising, the array of audience targeting options available these days is truly mind boggling. Even digital marketers’ heads spin at the possibilities. Social media algorithms are becoming more complex and more intelligent. So it’s no…
Hate speech on social media

Social Media Hate Speech: Who’s To Blame?

Social Media
Social Media hate speech is back in the headlines. Today the Home Affairs Select Committee published its paper ‘Hate crime: abuse, hate and extremism online’. It highlights major failings from social media’s key players to effectively tackle hate speech and inappropriate…