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Social Media Marketing the Movie 2019

Social Media Marketing 2019

Social Media
Welcome to the next stage of social media marketing There is a brand a new social media marketing movie that just launched. It features: Jay Baer, Michael Stelzner, Brenda Ster, Joel Comm, Mari Smith, Sue Zimmerman, Leslie Samuel, Sunny Lenarduzzi,…

Social media, UK elections and millennial marketing

Digital Marketing
  British politics, and subsequent Brexit negotiations, hang in the balance. In the recent UK General Election we saw the resurrection of a more radical political agenda and galvanisation of the youth vote. Social media and digital communication played a…

Snapchat Marketing: Add Some Spice To Your Digital Strategy

Social Media
The value of Snapchat marketing often gets dismissed or overlooked by businesses. Many organisations are yet to discover what makes it unique. With more than 150 million daily users, and many of them millennials, Snapchat is growing fast. If your…