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Facebook's new features: UK pounds

Facebook’s new features – who’s paying for them? You are

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Any brand on Facebook will tell you that their organic reach has declined dramatically over the last few years. The cynics among us – myself included – tie this News Feed algorithm change to Facebook’s ever-increasing profits. After all, in…
LinkedIn Prompts

LinkedIn Prompts: Are They Stifling Your Networking Capacity? – Infographic

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LinkedIn Prompts: what do you think about them? When you receive a generic email that reads: “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn professional network,” or “Congratulations on your work anniversary. Hope you’re doing well,” how does it make…
UK Pinterest Management Services

UK Pinterest Management Services 2018

UK Pinterest Management Services includes more than pinning Our UK Pinterest Management Services were featured in The London Evening Standard a while back. They included it under the title: Odd jobs: the online careers you never knew existed. The journalist was…

Social media platforms need originality and personality

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Are you still shoehorning content into social media? Stop it now! Hmnn, social media, I’ve always wondered why people DM me on Twitter with this kind of call to action: ‘Thanks for the follow. Now follow me on Facebook/ LinkedIn…
Twitter may be losing the race

Twitter’s wings have been clipped

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Twitter is still my 'go to' social media platform. I’ve invested so much time on Twitter I’d feel lost without it. I started tweeting in 2009 and already felt I had missed the boat and was a late adopter! I…

Why is some social media engaging while others fail?

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Social media managers have the option to split test and experiment while keeping a firm grasp on response. Engagement is easy to track and no self-respecting digital marketer would ignore the stats.  Yet when the numbers are in what do…
Is everything blooming in your social media garden?

Social media management 5 reasons why

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Small businesses often believe marketing begins and ends with Facebook and Twitter. We all know how to post on social media so why pay anyone to help us? There are some good reasons. 5 reasons for bringing in outside social…