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2018 Search engine optimisation trends

2018 Search Engine Optimisation Trends

Search Engine Optimisation
2018 Search Engine Optimization trends are still relevant We still have four months to go until the end of the year. So what are you doing to improve your SEO? 2018 search engine optimization trends reflect what people are doing…
Mobile-friendly websites - essential in today's business world

Mobile-Friendly Websites: Because You’re Probably Reading This On a Mobile Device

Website Maintenance
These days, about 60% of web search traffic originates from a tablet or mobile device. By not optimising your site for mobile devices, you’re not only creating a poor first impression for mobile users, but you could also be losing…
good website housekeeping, vkn digital

Website Housekeeping: An Essential Guide

Website Maintenance
Every Webmaster, be they a clueless newcomer or a bonafide pro, needs to get stuck into some good website housekeeping once in a while. Your website is your shop window; your most significant asset that needs to look, talk and act the…
SEO is Google page 1 and more

SEO & social media are bedfellows

Social Media
SEO & social media gives some people nightmares Aargh, social media updates, save me! SEO is in bed with social media so live with it, whatever your morals!  Mind you, beginning again on Twitter after a long lay off might…