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Pinterest do not underestimate its power

Use Pinterest for your business 2018

Some time back I ran a special, one-day-only course called “Vivienne Neale’s Use Pinterest for your business in 2015” at The British Library. It was a Stage 1 Beginner class which covered the essentials of this successful social media platform.…
Pinterest Queen Vivienne KNeale manages Pinterest for businesses

Pinterest Queen -Vivienne K Neale

Vivienne K Neale – The Pinterest Queen Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that you may have heard about and know roughly what it is. Perhaps you don’t really know exactly how to use it to its full…
Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for business 2014 are you ready?

Is Pinterest of any use for my boring business? Having managed client Pinterest boards for almost twelve months I have developed an understanding of why Pinterest is a social media platform that business should not ignore. Skype training sessions I…