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Create, work, Earn by Vivienne K Neale

Create, Work, Earn

Do you want to create and contribute to a brand new publication? Create, work earn is the title of my new book. It is scheduled to be published in late September and exciting times are ahead. As we are a…
maximise revenue streams

How to Maximise Revenue Streams as a Freelancer

A freelancing career is supposed to be liberating, not self-burdening. Yet I suspect that for many of us who choose to be our own boss, anxiety is a familiar feeling. Life as a freelancer is tough. The pressures are constant and you…
outsourcing jobs, how to outsource

Outsourcing Jobs: What, When and Who to?

Business tips
Being a small business owner can sometimes feel like spinning plates. How can you focus on the task at hand when you know you’re not doing enough lead-generation activity? How long is it since you wrote a blog post? What about social media?…