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Create, work, Earn by Vivienne K Neale

Create, Work, Earn

Do you want to create and contribute to a brand new publication? Create, work earn is the title of my new book. It is scheduled to be published in late September and exciting times are ahead. As we are a…
content writing needs to be right

Freelance writer top tips

Freelance writer dreams? How can you make this career a reality? If you are thinking of starting a career as a freelance writer do some thinking first. To start, review your talents and begin by answering these questions: 1. Firstly, consider…

Freelance writing gigs can be so undervalued

Content Writing
Freelance writing? Who needs it? If you have lots of techie equipment it’s easier  to justify higher rates I guess. You can be impressive with photographic equipment. You can be awe-inspiring with a list of high profile clients and a…