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Flower Shop UK

Why Websites Still Matter to Local Businesses

Local Search
Of the 97% of consumers who looked online for a local business last year, fewer are interested in following up that research with a website visit. This report may leave people to question if it’s worth investing in a local…
Keep It Simple Stupid content marketing

2018 Content marketing has morphed is your business ready?

Content Marketing
Formats change. 2018 content marketing roles and aims are very different but has your business adapted? It’s not enough to have a list of topics and just keep publishing. When it comes to 2018 content marketing you need a strategy.…
7 Growth Hacks: What I Learned Co-writing A Marketing Course

7 Growth Hacks: Skills I Learned Co-writing A Marketing Course

Content Marketing
If you have ever asked WTF is growth hacking? You can find out soon enough. The course you need is about to be released. Grab it now with a special code for just $5 and growth hacking will become your…
VKN Digital Goes To Doncaster

VKN Digital Moves To Doncaster

Sometimes the grass is greener out in the countryside. Read more to learn why VKN Digital made the journey to Doncaster, South Yorks.
Amy Porterfield

7 essential podcasts for savvy digital marketers

Digital Marketing
Today, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before. But it feels like we have less available time to actually soak it all up. Podcasts are a great way to switch up your routine. They also add a…

Assessing the true influence of social influencers

Digital Marketing
In an increasingly busy digital marketplace, reaching out to social influencers has become a great way for emerging brands to build their audiences. In essence, it’s about finding influential people who have established audiences and brokering a deal with them…
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Net neutrality matters to all of us – particularly digital marketers

Digital Marketing
It’s rare to see the internet’s biggest players putting their competitive differences aside to unite over a common issue. But that’s just what took place yesterday. Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Reddit all took part in a protest against the…
Storytelling marketing: typewriter hammers

Storytelling Marketing: Why Stories Are Essential To Your Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing
Think back to when you were a child, when you’d ask your parents to read you a bedtime story. There really was no better way to fall asleep, with your brain still buzzing with tales of characters from far away…
Native Advertising: Native American

Native Advertising: Why You Need To Get Onboard And Do It Now

Digital Marketing
The average click-through rate on banner ads is down to 0.06%. Ad blockers and banner blindness are on the rise. Native advertising is emerging as a win-win situation for both digital marketers and web users alike. It’s about marketing content that…
United Airlines plane flying through the sky

United Airlines: Lessons We Can All Learn From Their PR Fail

Social Media
Even if you’ve never flown United Airlines before, even if you’re never likely to cross paths with them in the future, you no doubt have a negative opinion of the company after its recent PR fail. Footage swept around the…