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Message effectively or fail

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Making Your Message More Effective There is nothing more important to your business than messaging effectively. Tell people who you are and what you do. The problem is, it’s noisy out there in marketing world. Unless you want to try…
customer service get it right

Customer Service business saviour

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How important is customer service? Customer service is an essential aspect of contemporary business. It’s easy to write this statement but seemingly quite difficult to deliver top class customer service seven days a week. I’ve been musing over the customer…
United Airlines plane flying through the sky

United Airlines: Lessons We Can All Learn From Their PR Fail

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Even if you’ve never flown United Airlines before, even if you’re never likely to cross paths with them in the future, you no doubt have a negative opinion of the company after its recent PR fail. Footage swept around the…

How to Nail Customer Support and Prevent Channel Switching

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What’s worse than an unsatisfied customer? An unsatisfied customer who feels he or she is being ignored. That’s no joke. If a customer is already having problems with your product, the last thing you want is for that customer to…
customer service and EasyJet

Customer Service at Easyjet is anything but

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EasyJet is my least favourite airline I make no apologies for beginning my blog this way. In fact that sentence is a polite understatement. EasyJet is rude, unhelpful, egocentric and seem to do what they want when they want, in…
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