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view from a writing shed

Writing shed aids creativity

A writing shed. Who has such a thing? How ridiculous is that? Sometimes I catch myself thinking such thoughts. A writing shed? Really? Well, I’ll let you into a secret. I have just expended a massive amount of energy converting…

Journaling welcome to creativity

Journaling is the route to creativity, that much I know The creative economy is booming. The creative industries’ record contribution to UK economy in 2016 demonstrates it’s a sector worth £92bn and is actually growing at twice the rate of…
Create, work, Earn by Vivienne K Neale

Create, Work, Earn

Do you want to create and contribute to a brand new publication? Create, work earn is the title of my new book. It is scheduled to be published in late September and exciting times are ahead. As we are a…
Creativity, create, work, earn

Creativity needs attention

Creativity is worth millions. Business craves it. Writers dream about it. Creatives rely on it. So why do we think creativity is an endless well that never runs dry? When’s the last time you took your creativity out to play?…
Person writing in a notepad at work

Workplace creativity hacks: ways to reboot and recharge your creative energies

Has it been a long week? Find yourself looking at the screen, feeling your productivity slipping through your fingers? Hey, it happens. Offices might be great in lots of ways, but they’re not always conducive to creativity. And open plan…

Snapchat Marketing: Add Some Spice To Your Digital Strategy

Social Media
The value of Snapchat marketing often gets dismissed or overlooked by businesses. Many organisations are yet to discover what makes it unique. With more than 150 million daily users, and many of them millennials, Snapchat is growing fast. If your…
competitive advantage, chess board

Traditional Competitive Advantage is Dead. So Live with it.

Tech has overturned attitudes to competitive advantage, so what are you doing about it? We all know tech is the most pressing factor across every business sector. The thing that really causes concern is the accelerated rate of change we…

Creativity & criticism is vital for business

Creativity & criticism are considered to be frightening concepts In fact, imagination frightens us too. We think it’s fragile and will disappear in a moment. This is so far from the truth. My life has been spent creating imaginative scenarios.…
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Counter Brexit Creatively in your business

Business tips
If you are reading this and feeling despondent after the UK’s vote to leave the EU last week, it’s time to take action. There’s no time like the present to counteract what is happening economically. There could be business positives to…

Vaguely Creative Things To Try 11-20

Writing Retreat
Good morning!  It’s cool and bright at the writer’s retreat – the poppies have vanished more’s the pity, the peach tree top collapsed under the weight of peaches in the middle of the night and I think there’s a metaphor…