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Creativity needs attention

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Creativity is worth millions. Business craves it. Writers dream about it. Creatives rely on it. So why do we think creativity is an endless well that never runs dry? When’s the last time you took your creativity out to play?…
Content Marketing and messages appear everywhere

SEO plus Content Marketing means business

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SEO plus Content Marketing is a match made in heaven It’s likely you worry about SEO plus Content Marketing and whether your business is coming up in search If you have a business website you probably fret a lot about…
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Effective Content Marketing Pays Every Time

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Today I was listening to a podcast from Deloitte University Press, as you do. This was my relaxation after a tough day; strange but true. My content marketing hat was definitely jammed on my head as I listened to the…
Share your business ideas on Twitter

What determines shareable content? Emotion or good SEO?

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These days, being a great content writer is quite simply not enough. Not only must we write compelling and relevant content, but we must now also ensure we write shareable content. If we don’t, all our hard work will be for…
Hiring a ghost writer

Hire a ghostwriter and reap the business benefits

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Hire a ghostwriter and actually help reduce costs, increase revenue and improve strategic efficiency Think about it. If you hire a cab driver it’s for convenience sake. If you hire a painter and decorator you know your house will be…
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Content given away for free? Are you crazy?

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What makes someone feel they want to pay you for content? What has copyright got to do with content providers anyway? It’s interesting. I joined Pixabay some time ago and was impressed by the general quality of free images on…
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Blog writing is clogging up the Internet’s arteries

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‘Infobesity’ is a business killer. Trim down your blogs now! When we eat, graze and snack on hydrogenated fat our digestions have difficulty processing it. The body cheats, can’t be bothered to sort the chemicals and lays down a little…

Content writing needs to diet and be lean

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[Tweet “Are you failing with your content writing strategy?”] Content writing’s future and social media developments have been recent Twitter conversations . None of us have managed to nail the answers just yet (do watch this space) but what we…
Show a bit of leg with your content writing

Content writing is finished isn’t it?

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Forget content writing we only look at the pictures! My name is Vivienne Neale and I am a Pinaholic, which is odd really as my main passion is content writing. How did I get this way? I started managing clients’…
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