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Content writers in the new data driven age

Content Writing
What skills do you need to join the elite band of truly employable content writers in 2016? Content writers needs to know how to write and craft their writing. But these days that’s a given. It doesn’t make you a stand…
content writing

Content given away for free? Are you crazy?

Content Writing
What makes someone feel they want to pay you for content? What has copyright got to do with content providers anyway? It’s interesting. I joined Pixabay some time ago and was impressed by the general quality of free images on…
Inject some pace into your social media management and marketing

Winning friends with influencers? Really?

Content Writing
Sometimes it’s obvious what you want to buy It’s strange we are so sceptical about businesses’ ability to evaluate themselves objectively. Ironically one would imagine it was an essential skill if you wanted to succeed. [Tweet “Why shouldn’t we be…