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GDPR Compliance

GDPR and the new business landscape

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The GDPR deadline has come and gone. Some businesses are sitting smug in the knowledge they are all sorted. Others might be hoping they can slip under the radar. Whatever position you find your business in you will be reading…
customer service get it right

Customer Service business saviour

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How important is customer service? Customer service is an essential aspect of contemporary business. It’s easy to write this statement but seemingly quite difficult to deliver top class customer service seven days a week. I’ve been musing over the customer…
maximise revenue streams

How to Maximise Revenue Streams as a Freelancer

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A freelancing career is supposed to be liberating, not self-burdening. Yet I suspect that for many of us who choose to be our own boss, anxiety is a familiar feeling. Life as a freelancer is tough. The pressures are constant and you…
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