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voice search means one less text based search

Voice search will change your business – Are you prepared?

Search Engine Optimisation
Voice search has become the new hot topic in marketing and content creation It’s the new tech on the block that is very quickly making its way into our homes. The concept of voice search has been floating around for…
GDPR Compliance

GDPR and the new business landscape

The GDPR deadline has come and gone. Some businesses are sitting smug in the knowledge they are all sorted. Others might be hoping they can slip under the radar. Whatever position you find your business in you will be reading…
content marketing don't give up

Content Marketing don’t give up on it

Content Marketing
What’s the point of content marketing anyway?  You ‘do’ content marketing because you think you should. You may well have a blog. You may be paying someone to write a couple of articles a month.  But are you convinced by…
content writers that write content strategy for hire

Content strategy do you need one?

Content Writing
Content strategy and content writing are necessary but problematic for businesses Lack of time, inspiration and a specific strategy are the biggest complaints I hear. I don’t know many businesses that actually have a written plan. Sometimes even having that…
customer service get it right

Customer Service business saviour

Business tips
How important is customer service? Customer service is an essential aspect of contemporary business. It’s easy to write this statement but seemingly quite difficult to deliver top class customer service seven days a week. I’ve been musing over the customer…
why brandshould avoid politics on Twitter

Why Brands Should Avoid Politics on Twitter

2016 will forever be remembered as THE year the world went mad. Who can recall a more politically tumultuous period in living memory? Beside WWII survivors, not many I’d have thought. But there have been plenty of desperate moments since…
using a macbook

Internships: Are they worth it?

Students are never short of things to at University. There are societies to join, sports to engage in, friends to make, parties to go to – not to mention lectures, tutorials and coursework to keep up with. So, in the middle…
maximise revenue streams

How to Maximise Revenue Streams as a Freelancer

A freelancing career is supposed to be liberating, not self-burdening. Yet I suspect that for many of us who choose to be our own boss, anxiety is a familiar feeling. Life as a freelancer is tough. The pressures are constant and you…
online business directories, yell review

Local Search Series Part 3: Paid Online Business Directories

Local Search
Local search is a tough nut to crack. Business owners need to work hard to get to the top of Google ‘My Business’ and other free online business directories. It doesn’t just happen overnight; it requires varying degrees of diligence and patience.…
snapchat for business

How to Use Snapchat for Business: 5 Marketing Secrets

Despite its unwavering popularity, Snapchat continues to be the social network that many small businesses endeavour to avoid. Why? One social network too many, perhaps? Is it because Snapchat for business just ‘doesn’t work’? Or is it simply due to the fact…