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15 reasons why blogging still matters

Blogging still matters here’s 15 reasons why

Feel blogging is dead? Do you think video is the way forward? Are you considering abandoning your blog? Blogging still matters here’s 15 reasons why Blogging gives a massive opportunity to explore every tip of long tail search term. It’s is…
Find your pride and blog with them in mind

Blogging to the right target audience?

Blog writing can be soul destroying, especially if you are not blogging to the right target audience Sometimes it appears you have no audience and no one cares. But have you ever thought that people are looking for specific information?…
How attractive is your blog writing?

Blog writing – who gives a stuff?

Content Writing
Blog writing; why listicles are like testicles and why red fast cars and blogs just don’t cut it anymore I think I may have lost the plot. Or maybe I am in the process of rewriting this rather tired blog…