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Social media platforms have interesting forums

Social media platforms are fantastic resources. They can, of course feel depressing too, when you feel you are getting no response. However there’s usually a very good reason for that. In my opinion  we all makes some pretty fundamental errors that prevent engagement.

Top errors that prevent engagement

  • Broadcasting endless sales messages.
  • Endless sales messages that make no allowance for the platform being used.
  • Flooding timelines with useless messages
  • Being self-centred and not adding value
  • Failing to understand the ‘vibe’ of the chosen platform.
  • Periodic, sporadic, call it what you will posts.
  • Not giving users an opportunity to engage because the poster is too self-centred.
  • Not making a note of desired target audience or the type of people using your chosen platform
  • Having unrealistic expectations through failure to plan.
  • Not knowing what the hell you are doing and simply hoping for the best without measuring results!

So what are solutions for creating engagement? One of the best places to find solutions are social media forums Try LinkedIn for example.

LinkedIn Groups are such valuable resources says Vivienne Neale

LinkedIn Groups are such valuable resources says Vivienne Neale

Marie Roker-Jones, Raising Great Men™ the Founder of Raising Great Men, asked the question: Instagram and Google Plus are the two platforms we struggle with engagement. What do you suggest for a media company in promoting posts? 

She couldn’t have received more information if she’d hired a consultant. Here are some of the tips for these two social media platforms.

Brandon Schaefer

CEO at | When You’re Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level Brandon suggested posting many times over a 24 hour period. In addition when asking questions make sure they are attractive. Encourage people to interact with you.

Sean Gallahar

Social Media Guy for i7 Marketing

Sean agreed then suggested that understanding the medium is key. Instagram is predominantly female and went on to say that quality not quantity counts. Instagram accounts for 7% of daily photo uploads among the top four photo-sharing platforms (544 million daily uploads total). So it’s not such a heavyweight, in volume terms, as we might imagine. He offers a handy link here too. Read more here

Jackson Salzman

Social Media Specialist at Deluxe Corporation tackled Google + He suggested posting to multiple communities with different descriptions so as not to spam people. Also use hashtags and infographics, suggesting the bigger the better, as it promotes more interaction.

Marcela Zarate

Web Developer at MVZ Tech Services

Suggests another G+ tip is to engage with other people’s posts. This prompts them to start engaging back. She provides an article from Social Media Examiner on getting more engagement on Google+. Also growing a follower base helps enormously too Marcela suggests.

Kris McDowell

Marketing | Social Media | Meeting & Event Planning suggests finding the best time to post your updates based on audience behaviour.

Director at Kay Vrieze Consultancy

She says: ‘Make sure that you use your #hash tags as they direct people back all the time and can make a huge difference. I have been using them and getting far better results.

Justin Mills

Social Success Coordinator at iLoyal

Top Contributor

Google is a tough one but I know on instagram I triple the engagement and likes on my clients by just liking and posting comments on other peoples photos. Make sure you are doing more then distributing content on these channels. The first step in successful social media marketing is being social.

Joseph Estrada

Account Executive at Crossroads Technology Group

Top Contributor

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Carl Grint

Social Media Marketing & Web Design Consultant at CGW3

Others have posted articles, and I would definitely concur with checking out their site, they have a great range of articles for a number of social media sites.

For Google+ have a look at:

They should give you a good start with Google+ :o)

Stephen Slavin

Social Media Executive at DigitalGuys Group Ltd

I think a lot of other folks have already covered G+ (which I love) but the key to success there seems to be communities. I’ve also experimented with some targeted messages using circles – like sending tailored updates to “Estate Agents in the NorthWest” for example (this is one of my client’s circles). You just have to be careful with this because if you do it too often you’ll be seen as spammy, plus remember not to tick the “Send an email with this update” button because it’s generally frowned upon.

Florian Bracht

Social Media Marketing Manager @ Exelution GmbH

With Instagram I suggest to like, comment, etc. relevant images found by the hashtag for your company.
So the people already talking about you get to know that you’re now also there.
Also repost by making a screenshot of the Instagram image including the marked user is a  good policy.

So what are you waiting for? Have you any additional tips you’d like to add here? Do let us know.

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