Social Media The Movie

Social Media; The Movie Review Part One

I had to laugh when I opened the url for ‘Social Media: the Movie

Of course I was intrigued by the idea of Social Media The Movie and miffed I hadn’t thought of it myself. I also hoped it would delivered its promises. It did, but not in the way you might have been lead to believe.

I watched the 44 minute film with my brand new apprentice who is new to digital marketing. If you want the optimistic version you will need to come back next week!

What is happening in the world of social media?

The movie is an interesting concept and tells the viewer in no uncertain terms just what state social media marketing is in right now. But then you wouldn’t be surprised when ‘stars’ such as Jay Baer, Michael Stelzner, Mari Smith, Viveka von Rosen and Leslie Samuel are on board. Jay has never ever held back when he has an opinion to share.

Long in the tooth but still up for the social media challenge

I came to this movie as a seasoned marketer. I have been wading through social media since 2009. Boy has it changed! For those old enough to remember the first few tweets and Facebook as a fledgling you won’t learn masses. However, it is useful to think about how things have morphed. If you like, Social Media the Movie is like a best bits compilation. Sit back and argue, listen, nod sagely and consider just how long your social media journey has been.

We sold our souls for baubles and ribbons

Mind you, that didn’t mean I wasn’t reminded of a few things such as the fact Facebook is dominant. Why? It’s not such a fluffy and cute bunny. Basically it closes down all threats like a digital JAWS. I knew it but had conveniently put that fact to the back of my mind. Certainly anyone who used to be amazed at the organic reach of social media will appreciate just how the landscape has changed. It’s sad in one sense because there was a level playing field for a while – small guys could compete with the big guys. But inevitably marketers spoiled it for the user and anyway, who was going to pay for all the terabytes of server space Facebook uses every single day? Yes, that’s right we sold our souls for baubles and ribbons but it was fun while it lasted.

Still, it’s not a bad thing that we are no longer bombarded by ads on Facebook

But we should never underestimate the algorithm. Mark my words it will be the death of us eventually! AI will give us far more than perhaps we have bargained for and you can bet your life Facebook will be at the vanguard come that particular revolution. I’ve already dug out my bunker in which to hide.

So what reminders did I glean from Social Media The Movie? Here are the top 9 tips

  1. Choose the platform you are most passionate about; then you might stand a chance of being consistent and interested in what you are doing. However, do remember social media is not about you but about the target audience’s needs…just in case you had forgotten.
  2. If you use social media for anything use it for customer service. People want immediate responses to questions, queries and complaints. If you are not there customers will talk about you anyway. They may not always be complimentary and their comments resonate very loudly indeed. Be warned.
  3. Find your ideal customer and discover just where they hang out. Explore what they react to, what they like and plan a campaign. Social media platforms are different. Please don’t treat them as if they were the same. It’s like giving all your friends the same present for Christmas regardless of age, gender, likes etc.
  4. Don’t do anything without having a campaign and money for ad spend. Ask yourself: What would real people want from us? Don’t get strung out about what appears to be good for your business. Think: why, when and for whom?’
  5. Set out a three month plan and test/review/analyse weekly then modify as appropriate.
  6. Be consistent. Think of your content as a show. It comes out on the same channel at the same time every week with the same characters. Whatever you choose to do, do it consistently.
  7. Know exactly who you want to reach and why you want to reach them. Give them what they want and give it to them for free initially. People love to share tips that make them look good. If that tips is your e-book, podcast, infographic it might well lead to a customer acquisition.
  8. Embrace video marketing. Just do it. YouTube is the No2 search platform. Ask yourselves what do people need to know before they….. Upload weekly is ideal and remember certain videos are evergreen.
  9. Just remember you cannot be in all the places for all the people so choose wisely. You cannot please all the people all the time so don’t try. Niche is key.

If all this gives you a headache then please contact VKN Digital for social media assistance and strategy. You can also watch out for our new Twitter 2018 book published very soon.

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