Social Media still at the bottom of your to do list?

This is why social media should be right at the top of your marketing efforts

Tony Liao

What do you do when you have an issue, a concern or are furious?

It’s likely you’ll vent your fury on social media. I have asked questions to my bank. I have complained to airlines and thanked companies for wonderful service. It’s a quick and easy way to make contact. Most times customer service is sorted in moments and can leave a really positive feeling. It’s a good thing to have a real conversation in a forward-facing way. Why would anyone ignore social media? Sadly, there are still many companies who say they are too busy to help online. In fact, I would say that being traditional, ego-centred and a bit twentieth century will never win fans.

A global pandemic is exactly the time to revise your approach to your business

As Covid 19 shapes how we do business and interact with one another on a daily basis a backward -looking approach is not a great way to remain in business. No one wants to write emails or wait in a queue on the phone. By the time a customer service agent answers the customer mood is already difficult to say the very least. Your social media profile demonstrates just how you deal with people. It’s easy to look through a feed and see just how serious a company is about customer service and helping customers and prospects.

Adam Jang

Your reputation can be boosted by a positive, lively and professional social media presence

OK, some social media platforms are good for one thing and less appropriate for other types of business, but buyers are watching be sure of that. Yet, remember, competitors are also watching what you do and why would you let them have the satisfaction of seeing that you are not good at something. Remember a digital experience is about the user not your business in one sense. The customer, prospect, client or whoever needs to come front, left and centre. You might feel hesitant about using social media or thinking it’s a waste of time, but you would be in the minority. Why would you waste the opportunity to react quickly to a need or a question? A colleague in the motorcycle parts trade ensures every interaction is positive, useful and polite. His business goes from strength to strength as a consequence.

Prateek Katyal

You might feel uncomfortable about sharing landmark moments and milestones

But tell me how else you can communicate what you do to people that may be a million miles away from you but still need your service? You can and should grow your business through social media marketing. Why wouldn’t you want to boost engagement and really get to know people and their needs? People are often keen to share a positive experience and through tags and mentions you can see actual responses to what you do. In fact, when you utilise customers’ photos and images they love it and guess what it’s a very easy way to create posts for nothing. People love being feted and respected so why aren’t you doing it?

Being genuine and authentic has to be a business mantra that you stand by

People understand and respond to this and therefore will find your brand more attractive over others, even when it comes to price. Your social media marketing may well be working when you are fast asleep; it really does pay dividends. So if you have resisted or are posting in a desultory fashion then now is the time to change that forever.


Did you know that your social media profile may well be the first thing that comes up in search?

How powerful is that? This will never happen if you are not active regularly on your choice social media platforms. It will provide you with link less backlinks too. If you don’t know what these are then listen up. Basically, the link less backlink refers to business mentions without a webpage hyperlink. It is very neat and should not be sniffed at. We are all looking for search engine prowess and this is a great way to go get some!

This is just a quick hop through the efficacy of social media activity. You don’t have to do it yourself you can hire a professional to handle your social media well and why not? The benefits will be self-evident and without an active social media presence you are definitely missing out.

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