You need a social media manager

A social media manager is not just for Christmas

After all, having a Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest account isn’t enough. It’s like looking up at the sky at night and pointing to a star and saying: ‘that’s my business’ You are hard to spot amongst all the other stars in the firmament. It’s only when you add some perceptible movement that you stand out . A social media manager can help you achieve this.

Dead flies and sun bleached products

So, imagine having a shop on the high street. You never change the display or clear out the dead flies that litter the window. In addition you allow everything to become sun bleached. What does that say about your brand? You might say that you are too busy with the business to bother with window dressing. Would that be a smart move? What difference would it make to hire someone with expertise to make your window display a talking point in the town? Just a thought…Think what a social media manager could do for your digital marketing efforts.

A social manager is not a step too far

However, many small businesses may well have set up social media accounts but feel a social media manager is a step too far. ‘I have no budget for social media’ some business people tell me.  But social media and social media management is part of the new business landscape. All your redundant account is doing is being that abandoned shop window.

Leave your social media accounts unattended and that really will cost you business

Businesses are using social media like never before so think what a lucky strike it is for someone to search or discover your twitter profile. If they see that nothing is happening they will never return. Your opportunity is lost. In fact they might even comment publicly about your poor social media performance. That is definitely not a good look.

Simply taking up digital space is not sufficient

Think about your social media accounts as ‘owned media’ It’s your media channel where you have control (to an extent) and can develop something worthwhile. With care you can create communities who appreciate what you do and look forward to hearing from you. No, it’s not a broadcast channel in the conventional sense. It’s about developing conversations, creating awareness, promoting engagement. You need a social media manager that has flair, creativity and expertise.

Social media managers can advise, create strategies and keep you up to date

They have researched the latest developments in social media practice; it’s their job. Many small business owners hold prejudices that are not relevant in contemporary social media marketing. A social media manager can help you publicise your brand effectively. The aim is to drive earned media – that is promote the great comments, reviews and so on through your own channels. It’s also about creating a brand persona – it really is your digital shop window.

Just having an hour’s chat with a social media manager to update your own knowledge can be a worthwhile and economic expenditure. They can give you an alternative perspective and evaluate the most effective social media platforms for your brand. If you want a social media manager then what are you waiting for? Please contact me on Twitter @supposeiam or check out Vivienne Neale PPH profile

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