Social media management 5 reasons why

Small businesses often believe marketing begins and ends with Facebook and Twitter. We all know how to post on social media so why pay anyone to help us? There are some good reasons.

5 reasons for bringing in outside social media management

Inject some pace into your social media management and marketing

  1. Social media management can bring an objective eye to your output.They will have worked with different brands and on different Twitter and Facebook streams. As a consequence they will have seen behaviours, successes, failures, ideas and great industry practice that has escaped you. Each twitter stream has a different flavour, ambience and atmosphere. If you have only worked on your own you may not know what you might be missing A good social manager should be able to bring an added dimension to your online social media marketing.
  2. They have the time, experience and know how to really listen and engage with your audience. Let’s face it, social media management is something that is time-consuming and many small businesses fail to capitalise on the possibilities. There are simply not enough hours in the day. Consider the cost of  social media management and potentially what value they can bring to your business. Social listening and close understanding of your customers is essential to get the very best from social media efforts.
  3. You might be a brilliant baker, plumber, solicitor, photographer or tech wizard but what are you writing skills like? A great content manager should have first class communication and research skills. The basis of successful social media is fresh, engaging and informative content. Therefore anyone you employ must be able to look at the bigger picture and see just how your business can be highlighted and researched. This will mean you stretch the potential for your business and not just post the same middle of the road content week in, week out. Check their social media management style suits your brand. They may well have the capacity to write for any target audience.
  4. Social media evolves almost daily. A conscientious social media manager will be constantly reviewing their practice and keeping abreast with new developments. Ask them what they have learned in the past month about new social media trends. That should be revealing. Social media management is a really dynamic industry.
  5. Social media managers are there to drive visitors to your product, brand or service but they also need to be able to drive sales. They should know about analytics, how to tweak campaigns that haven’t worked and be flexible enough to change as appropriate. They should be able to comment on both online and offline strategies. Social media management and the resulting output should be working in tandem with other efforts and your social media manager should know about all aspects if they are good at their job.

There are other things to consider such as the company’s tone of voice, analysis and tracking, crisis management. If you need help please do not hesitate to contact me for a free 15 minute consultancy about any issues that might concern you regarding employing a social media manager or any form of social media management.

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