Social Influencers: Inspiring Female Thought Leaders Worth Following

Earlier this year, we shared a round up of some of our favourite thought leaders on Twitter. You may have noticed that all of these thought leaders were male. This wasn’t a deliberate choice, it just turned out that way. So, as a follow up, we felt it important to redress the balance.

Twitter can be a really informative, inspiring place to rub shoulders with high flyers, and we’re thrilled to be connected to some really switched on, successful thought leaders who consistently post useful, insightful and cutting-edge content.

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to some of our favourite female thought leaders on Twitter. Are you plugged in to the world of digital marketing, content and social media? If so, these will be really high-value people to have in your daily Twitter feed.

And those social influencers are:

Lucy Hall, 17.2K followers – Social Media Marketing Strategist. Co-founder of Social Media Day

Why do you think people follow you?

I think people follow me because I don’t broadcast on social media. I try to add value, to solve problems for the businesses and people that follow me. Creating content that helps my audience of businesses and social media managers and not charging for it means I am able to build trust with people. Also by actually interacting with people and understanding that they are not a follower or a number but a human.

What do you think differentiates thought leaders from everyone else?

Thought leaders share their thoughts, advice, case studies and experiences freely. They don’t charge for it. Everyone else is still broadcasting, selling on social media without actually building trust and relationships first. My advice to anyone looking to become an industry leader is to see it as a long term strategy… create content, write, vlog, livestream and share your best advice and stories for free. You should also be collaborative with your peers and other thought leaders. This strategy really works!

Erika Heald, 7.8K followers – Marketing Consultant

Why do you think people follow you?

I think people follow me to keep up on content marketing trends and topics, both through the links I share and the conversations I lead in the weekly #ContentChat Twitter chat. And for the cat GIFs.

What do you think differentiates thought leaders from everyone else?

A thought leader is someone who is freely and frequently sharing their point of view on industry issues and challenges. And through doing so, they help progress the industry and its professionals. They aren’t afraid of someone learning their secret sauce — they’re looking to crowdsource how to make it even better.

Mili Ponce, 38.3K followers – Founder of The SMF Group

Why do you think people follow you?

Because they connect with my life experience, because inspiration is stronger than motivation and I try to inspire people not to motivate them. It is about inspiring others to see the light beyond their problems. It is about not giving up.

What do you think differentiates thought leaders from everyone else?

Thought leaders are willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. They only see the opportunities, not the obstacles. It is up to each of us to make things happen but that requires two key things – self confidence and inspiration. Self confidence can be taught and learned. I was a shy person and bullied. I taught myself to believe in myself because I was willing to do whatever it takes.

In terms of inspiration, I was inspired by the power within each of us. I taught myself the difference between motivation and inspiration and I got inspired by great people around me. Self confidence and inspiration can change your life forever.

Rebecca Lieb, 13.2K followers – Analyst, Author, Speaker & Strategic Advisor on Digital Advertising, Media & Content

Why do you think people follow you?

I think (hope) people follow me for my work, because I never stop conducting research and publishing in my field: digital marketing and media. I hope that I’m able to offer my followers research-based insights on developments and trends in that field.

What do you think differentiates thought leaders from everyone else?

The best thought leaders add value. So much of social media is “copy and paste” or “forwarding” the work of others. My theory is that thought leaders are the ones who originate the ideas that get passed along.

Pam Didner, 9.7K followers – Market Strategist, Speaker, Author

Why do you think people follow you?

People usually follow someone when they have something to offer. My topic is niche: content marketing. I have certain point of view about enterprise content marketing.

What do you think differentiates thought leaders from everyone else?

Thought leaders have charisma and a clear articulation of his or her vision.

Vivienne K Neale, 3.6K followers – Director of VKN Digital and Digital marketing agency lead

Why do you think people follow you?

As an older female in the tech space I guess I offer a slightly different perspective. In many ways, certainly in the UK I am unusual – working in a very young industry I bring knowledge and experience that inspires confidence. I couldn’t be sure but that’s what people have told me. My following is 100% organic. I want to build a community that matters rather than one composed of numbers to impress.

What do you think differentiates thought leaders from everyone else?

Thought leaders are inspirational – it’s as simple as that. They have the ability to see the bigger picture but also often possess pinpoint accuracy. Thought leaders are often not afraid to express opinions that don’t necessarily fit the accepted norm. Call them the grit in the oyster that creates the pearl. Some thought leaders gain celebrity status, others simply drop ink into the water and watch the effect as the idea spreads and swirls. If I can help people review their approach and think again then I’ve done my job. Sometimes I meet significant resistance and it’s months later you find minds have changed. For some people it has to appear to be their decision, it’s a matter of ego and that’s fine – I like being the grit!

Thanks everyone for speaking with us and taking part. Do you have any thought leaders that you follow? Let’s build up a really good list of inspiring marketing thought leaders that we can share with others. Add some names in the comments!

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