Snapchat Marketing Strategy? Meet 3 Users who Are Nailing It

Snapchat marketing strategy? Yup, something else you need in 2017!

The advent of instant gratification has made us a very impatient bunch. Anything less than instant when it comes to digital entertainment is simply too slow. Buffering? How dare you make me wait one millisecond longer. Page timeout? Oh my god someone give me a heart massage.

You know what I’m getting at here.

This collective intolerance applies in equal measures to social media. With an array of SM options currently available, businesses are always looking for new methods to market to existing or potential customers. The rise of inbound marketing has prompted marketers to ‘speak the language’ of the customer. What better way to do this than through the channels they most frequently use?

A Snapchat Marketing Strategy may be what your business plan is lacking

Arguably, the most popular of these is Snapchat. Snapchat embodies what users demand from today’s social media sphere. Its simple and user-friendly design provides room for the eclectic filters and editing options. A 5-second picture, or an 8-second video is not time-consuming and easy to digest. It adapts perfectly to the generation of those with a ‘shortened attention span’. The often rustic-looking images you receive on your mobile device provide a personal feel, making you feel close to your friends and personal influencers regardless of where you are. Businesses and entrepreneurs alike have now begun to realise the benefits a focused Snapchat marketing strategy can bring to a project or business.

Global digital transformation is upon us, and here are 3 of my favourite entrepreneurs who have totally capitalised on it with their own, cutting-edge Snapchat marketing strategy.

Snapchat Marketing Strategy that really works: DJ Khaled

If you listen to Hip-Hop Music, like snapchat or BOTH, there’s a good chance you’ll have heard of this guy. The release of his hit track “All I Do Is Win” in 2010 propelled DJ Khaled toward Snapchat success. His snaps are incredibly captivating due to their diversity, unpredictability and creativity. For someone you might call a conventional celebrity, the man stands among the elite in his musical genre today, attaining the status as one of, if not the most popular producer.

So now that he’s achieved fame and success, why does he still use Snapchat?

One word: BRANDING.

Snapchat enables him to extend his reach and promote his own personal brand, which is himself. By reducing the degrees of separation between himself and his followers, he humanizes his own brand and reminds us that beneath his accolades is another hard-working person like any other. Whether we are seeing the real Khaled Mohamed Khaled or not, he has broken down conventional barriers between celebrities and the rest of us through a handy-dandy little social media app on his phone. Every day when I look through his Snap-story I expect something different, and I’m rarely disappointed. For Khaled, Snapchat is a major key (keys keys) to marketing triumph (

A Motivational Snapchat Marketing Strategy: Gary Vaynerchuck

When it comes to Snapchat marketing strategy, it’s hard to ignore the influence of this man. ‘Gary Vee’ said Snapchat would explode as a marketing tool when it emerged on the social media spectrum. He was right – just ask DJ Khaled.

I admire the man. He has a magnetic charisma which allows him to convey his messages to anyone. He is a self-proclaimed hustler, and broadcasts this in his snapchat updates. He uses Snapchat as a means to motivate his audience (, as well as documenting his everyday life. Whether it may be shooting a new YouTube video, during a 4-hour business meeting or a flight to his next major conference appearance, he shows you the hustle. This gives his audience, many of whom are aspiring entrepreneurs, the chance to see what it really takes to become a hit in the field.

Gary Vee is telling you his story, and he’s packaging it in a way that young people like. He’s appealing to our senses through our preferred mediums, and it’s working. I like listening to his blunt advice, his motivational quotes and even the occasional cussing. I like even more that he puts it out on Snapchat, supporting his claim that it is indeed the best social marketing tool. Transparency in business is what people call for today as the world is becoming more customer-centric. This guy is trying his best to let you see it all, in one way or the other.

A Great Snapchat Marketing Strategy to Develop Brand Image: SORTEDfood

This is where I cheated a little. SORTEDfood isn’t a person, but rather a crew of people who started on YouTube and cook great food. I’ve been watching them for 6 years, and they are still my favourite YouTube Channel today. Unlike DJ Khaled, SORTED utilised social media – mainly YouTube – to attain their initial success, and still use it as their primary source of marketing.

Every week I look forward to their videos, which show the group from Hertfordshire (like VKN Digital!) making recipes and bantering all the way. But if I can constantly see them, what’s the point of Snapchat?

You may well wonder. But yet again, Snapchat offers an entirely different marketing opportunity here. Snapchat allows their staggering 1.6 million YouTube subscribers to connect and engage on a way more intimate level. These subscribers come from all over the world, and social media is essentially their teleportaion device to the green fields of Hertfordshire, or anywhere else they feel like visiting! SORTED’s Snapchat account ( gives followers the opportunity to see what the people behind their favourite brands get up to when the cameras aren’t rolling. Snapchat lets the audience see who these brands really are, making them feel like they actually – and personally – know them.

This fun dynamic allows brands like SORTED to promote content in the future while sustaining the customer-brand relationship they have already developed.

There will be more Snapchat Marketing Strategy tips and analyses coming over the next few weeks. So keep your eyes peeled for more!

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