How to Use Snapchat for Business: 5 Marketing Secrets

Despite its unwavering popularity, Snapchat continues to be the social network that many small businesses endeavour to avoid. Why? One social network too many, perhaps? Is it because Snapchat for business just ‘doesn’t work’? Or is it simply due to the fact that measuring results on an ephemeral platform is an almost impossible task?

Whatever the reason, all these businesses are missing a trick. It’s definitely not just doggy ears and ‘rainbow barfs’. In fact, Snapchat offers massive marketing potential for small businesses. Here are 5 secrets that can help you on your way to becoming a popular Snapchat brand.

Snapchat for Business #1: Post Exclusive Content

A clever way to increase your Snapchat following is to feature content or material that isn’t available on your other Social Media platforms. From replying to Snap Stories to using the latest Snapchat Lenses (, Snapchat will allow your business to tailor content in a specific way.

A snap is different from a tweet, post or a gram. It’s refreshing, and shows off the multifaceted nature of your brand (if your brand is indeed that way).This keeps your followers engaged, while enabling you to expand the reach of your business to other audiences absent from Twitter or LinkedIn, for

Snapchat for Business #2: Promote upcoming content and events

Snapchat provides an alternative and often successful method for promoting upcoming content and events on your calendar. Whether a new product, a collaboration with an influencer or a promotional campaign, your audience will want to be kept informed.

You could even create a buzz around your product or service with Snapchat’s (paid) On-Demand Geofilter feature ( This allows you to create and promote custom-branded filters in a specific location, which users then snap and share with friends. Savvy Snapchatters might even snap and share your filter on other social networks. But rule number one: keep your snaps entertaining, so that your audience will stay tuned to what you have next!

Snapchat for Business #3: Add Engaged Followers Back

First thing’s first: DON’T add ALL your followers back. This will quickly turn your account into a chaotic, congested and increasingly irrelevant space. Within your following there will always be a select few that are more active in connecting with you or asking questions. Add THOSE people back. This not only shows that you recognise which customers are most loyal, but also reminds followers that there is a person not a robot on the other side of the

It’s important to effectively establish and develop personal relationships with those who might become long-term supporters or even brand ambassadors, as world-famous entrepreneur and Snapchatter Gary Vaynerchuk will testify.

Snapchat for Business #4: Promote Interactive Contests/Challenges

To increase engagement on your Snapchat account, consider promoting challenges on a regular basis. Snapchat is a highly interactive platform, where followers enjoy a good challenge. If you give them an incentive to engage with or promote your brand, you will most likely be rewarded in the long- term. At the very least, engaging followers in a competition will earn you a shoutout. Make sure you look through all your followers’ entries and reward those who have done well! Pick an overall winner and reward him/her very publicly so that your brand image sticks with your followers.

Here are some examples of highly successful Snapchat campaigns ( you may find inspiring!

Snapchat for Business #5: Show off Your Brand ‘Behind the Scenes’

One of the things that so effectively sets Snapchat apart from its competitors is the ‘behind the scenes’ branding it supports. Photos and videos disappear quickly on Snapchat. Therefore there is less reason to give your snaps the glossy sort of finish they might get on Instagram. A smoothie bar owner, for instance, might show a 5-second clip of himself blending a morning power smoothie. No filters, no lenses; just the product in its rawest form (no pun intended). This is an authentic representation of the brand.

Snapchatters value the opportunity to get a closer look at content like this and the people behind the brand they love. It brings them closer and, when that brand engages with them personally, makes them feel valued. So don’t be shy to show your face once in a while. The best place to share these moments is the My Story feature, so your followers can view (and replay) your content over a period of 24 hours.

Marketing your brand or business on Snapchat creates massive brand awareness and loyalty. You may not see immediate results in terms of cashflow through Snapchat, but consistent and clever marketing ensures you are top of mind the next time a follower needs or wants a product or service like yours.

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