5 Reasons Snapchat is the BEST Social Media Tool for a Small Business

Snapchat. Have you noticed it’s taking over the globe?

During my summer in London, I set out to explore what the city had to offer. When you walk under the sun, you sweat, and when that happens the smart decision is to rehydrate. Thus, I found myself repeatedly visiting these eye-catching little coffee shops, whether they were in Camden, Hampstead or Brick Lane.

Snapchat and a super skinny latte for me

Aside from some amazing drinks, one commonality I found was that these little establishments all had a massive blackboard on their tiled wales. Written, or sometimes drawn on them were the icons of different social media pages as well as their handles. My favourite one is usually the yellow box with the silhouette of the little white ghost inside. You guessed right. That’s the Snapchat logo (pat on the back for you!).

As a millennial, SM has been an integral part of my life

Since the moment I received my first laptop or smartphone it’s been integral to my day to day activities. It makes communication efficient, dynamic and for those with short attention spans, FUN. As such, the astronomical growth of Snapchat to over 1.3 billion users is surprising but shouldn’t be shocking. Much like its predecessors e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat is now just as likely to be utilised for personal use as it is for business due to digital transformation. It helps widen your reach towards the audience through creative means and keeping in touch with them in ways they like. It is always important to market yourself, and if you’re a small local cafe with eclectic style seeking to grow or a developing start-up, here’s 5 reasons why snapchat is GOLD for small businesses.

5 reasons to use Snapchat for your small business

1. It’s Free

Marketing on snapchat is completely free! If you’re a small business, you won’t have a comparable budget to large companies with an established following. So, you must take advantage and capitalise on available resources. Snapchat gives you a free platform to promote your brand, content and product to your followers. It saves the hassle of tedious budgeting or financial planning, giving YOU more time to focus on YOUR work.

2. It’s Easy

Snapchat is SO easy, my tech-illiterate grandparents could use it. The straightforward manner of the app, minus the occasional new feature/filter makes it painless to master. You don’t need to spend hours planning what photo or video you want to put onto your ‘Story’; you just do it. As long as the stuff you put on there is interesting, and more importantly, relevant to your business, it’ll attract people.

3. It’s Fun

[bctt tweet=”As a small-scaled business, it is always good to establish your identity” username=”@supposeiam”]Show your personality and promote your content or services the right way. Back to the coffee shop analogy, if you’re promoting a new product or offer, do it in a way that captures the attention of followers. There is a reason why Snapchat has an array of creative options at your disposal, so YOU can use it. Aside from making your content relevant and direct, make it so people want to look at it. An 8 second video will capture my attention more than any billboard or TV ad.

4. It’s Young

A while back, one of my personal heroes Mr. Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary Vee) told the world that Snapchat was the future of social media. He was right. Firstly, the proof is in the pudding; Snapchat continues to grow every day. Secondly, I don’t intend to disagree with someone boasting the reputation or credentials of Gary Vee. Recently he shared a blog on his site about how a real estate agent who followed Gary’s Snapchat marketing advice managed to convert a Snapchat lead – he rented out a $80,000/month property in Malibu! Just from Snapchat marketing!

[bctt tweet=”When you market on social media, you are directly targeting the pool of youth” username=”@supposeiam”]Appeal to the mindset of your target audience, and if you are using snapchat, chances are you intend on focusing on individuals whom are up to date with tech. Don’t look old-hat with your approach; impression is vital! Show that your brand is hip and trendy and don’t bore people out of their minds with the same old stuff. Snapchat looks young because it IS young. Use Snapchat as an opportunity to widen your reach to more people.

5. It’s Personal

This is where being a small business trumps being a large corporation. When you’re a team of 15-20, it’s always easier to be transparent and open compared to being a 150-200 size team. Again, this enables you to show off your identity to people and let them see your company culture. Upload a snap of your team lunch, coffee break or planning meeting – any kind of ‘behind the scenes’ goings on. Whatever that may be, do it!

[bctt tweet=”Minimise the distance between you and the consumer and let them establish a more genuine relationship with you” username=”@supposeiam”]Your followers will witness your continual growth, and they will feel like they are part of your journey, even if they’re not there in person with you. This can help keep them committed to you in the long run.

The Final Word on Snapchat for Small Businesses

This all sounds fine and dandy, but I do want to mention one thing. In order for your Snapchat to be successful there are a few things you should definitely try. Promoting your Snapchat account through your other channels, e.g. using your unique Snapcode on your company website or as your Twitter profile picture, would make a great start. In any case, Snapchat gives you the opportunity to promote your business creatively and develop an interconnected web of marketing platforms for your business.

[bctt tweet=”No one is just going to magically know you have a snapchat, so find ways to let people know you have one” username=”@supposeiam”]

After you’ve got to grips with these basic steps, as the great Nas said – ‘The World is Yours’.

Anthony Mak is currently studying at Durham University and also working as an intern for Vivienne K Neale Digital.

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