Small Business Saturday 2018

Small Business Saturday has never been so important

Small businesses up and down the country are up against it. With high business rates and people shopping online the heat is on. People say how much they love shopping centres but then prefer to actually shop on line. So, what can the small business do to remain relevant?

Small Business Saturday encourages shops to make a song and dance about who they are and what they do. When everyone collaborates and supports each other then things tend to happen. Small Business Saturday 2018 will happen on 1st December. It is a magical date and always signifies the beginning of the real Christmas shopping season.

Not only that but the 1st December is a date when people know that their town centre will be ripe with experiences and happenings. That’s the wonderful part of being small. Being nimble, agile and creative is easier. Responding to local events, local needs and things that are happening in the here and now is much simpler when you are small. Why not exploit your advantage for once?

Small Business Saturday is celebrating another year of making a difference

The FSB or National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses Limited is well behind the idea. Promoting small businesses on the busiest shopping day of the year is always going to be a smart move. All of us need to support local businesses and get behind them. In Cornwall we have recently received some fantastic reviews from high profile journalists. Jay Rayner wrote very favourably  about Cork and Clam ‘doing lovely things’ and the journalist John Harris picked out some grass roots suppliers and shops that are making Cornwall a different destination. He wrote a long article entitled Amazon vs the high street and it makes a provocative read.

People want an experience they don’t just want to stay glued to a screen

Think about it. When you need a special outfit or you want some human advice your local shopkeeper can help. Yes, there’s Google search and plenty of information online but sometimes you want to ask a question and get a practical answer. Your local butcher is a prime example. He or she will advise on what’s in season, how much you need to feed a family, how to roast a joint of beef and what are the cheaper cuts. A small boutique clothes shop might advise on sizing, on different types of outfits and make suggestions for accessories. Sometimes we want to touch a material or try on a hat, scarf or a pair of shoes. We may want to explore trinkets or search about for a special present.

Our small businesses help us to have experiences

Think about how you feel when you have a coffee in a big chain coffee shop. Do you feel valued, special or even comfortable? Compare the experience to talking with a barista who knows you, who knows your order and who is happy to serve you at your table. What’s the difference between a faceless chain that looks the same whatever town you might be in and a local shop. In Cornwall we have a market where you could do a whole shop. Well, at least as far as cheese, meat, vegetables, fish, bread and fruit is concerned. However there are clothes, shoes, home wares, baby clothes and all manner of people ready to help you make the right purchase to suit your specific needs.

Use it or lose it. Cornwall and other high streets needs your support now!

If we insist on doing all our shopping online then it’s likely we will lose some of the friendly faces that have become part of a town. Small Business Saturday is a chance to say thank you and show your support. If you are a small business then it really is time to plan just how you might celebrate the 1st December.

If you are a small business looking for bespoke ideas, creativity, marketing or social media help then VKN Digital Ltd is here to make Small Business Saturday a great day for you. Check out some of our earlier posts about Small Business Saturday from previous years. We are so glad it’s that time again. How can we help?

Small Business Saturday, what’s the point?

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